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Memorial Day Reflections

by Bill Dooling 5/25/2019

Today, while our daughter Shannon was reorganizing our Mudville shed she found my old Army fatigue jacket.



A Personal Reflection on this St. Patrick’s Day

by Bill Dooling 3/17/2019

Publishers' Note: Thanks to Bill for sharing his story with all of us.



Memorial Day Reflections of a Vietnam Veteran

by Bill Dooling 5/29/2017


Vote No on Increasing Charter Schools -- Ballot Question #2

by Bill Dooling 9/26/2016

The town's active Democratic Town Committee showed their support for Democratic candidates in the Celebrate Holliston parade. Later at their booth town resident Bill Dooling advocated for a "no" vote on the November Ballot Question #2 that asks voters to permit 12 new charter schools per year in perpetuity, with no limit on how much money any one community can lose.



My Convention Experience

by Bill Dooling 9/8/2012

This is the fourth Democratic National Convention that I have attended. Each one of these convention experiences: Atlanta ’88, Boston ’04, Denver and this year in Charlotte  Each one of these have been both uniquely different and pleasantly similar.   Here are a few thoughts about my experience at the Charlotte 2012 Democratic National Convention...