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Holliston’s Long and Glorious Baseball History: A 4-Part Series; Part IV

by Joanne Hulbert 8/16/2019

Holliston High School baseball team, circa 1890 Part IV:  Our 19th Century Baseball Roots


Holliston’s Long and Glorious Baseball History: A 4-Part Series; Part III

by Joanne Hulbert 8/15/2019

Part III:  Early 20th Century Holliston Baseball Standouts


Holliston’s Long and Glorious Baseball History: A 4-Part Series; Part II

by Joanne Hulbert 8/14/2019

Part II:  A Look Back at the Baseball Career of Holliston’s Wonoski  (1930’s)


Holliston’s Long and Glorious Baseball History: A 4-Part Series; Part I

by Joanne Hulbert 8/13/2019

Part I:  I Meet Mark Sweeney



Along An Indifferent Road

by Joanne Hulbert 2/19/2019



A History of the Railroad and Rail Trail

by Joanne Hulbert 4/21/2018


Walk in the Woods

by Joanne Hulbert 4/17/2017

The Town Forest is land that has never been occupied, never built upon and has spent most of its existence as wood lots and still shows signs of minor quarrying.



Lake Winthrop's Tom's Rock

by Joanne Hulbert 9/29/2016

The drought has brought the water level at Lake Winthrop down so low that “Tom’s Rock" is now visible. The rock is located near the southern end of the lake, near the two islands. Although much more subtle and uncelebrated than Valentine’s Rock near the north end of Lake Winthrop, as seen in the photo, Tom’s Rock is just now visible.



Holliston Free Little Libraries

by Joanne Hulbert 3/12/2016

You may have seen the boxes, four of them located around town, full of books, magazines and other shared treasures for readers. These boxes invite neighbors to share books that have thrilled them and inspired them to pass them on to others.


The Rock Pile

by Joanne Hulbert 3/7/2016

You have driven by it on Prentice Street while on your way to the landfill or Hopkinton; played golf around it, and perhaps you have wondered – what is it? WHY is it?



A Night of Holliston History, Tales from the Local Scene

by Joanne Hulbert 2/15/2015

Bring your questions and curiosity. There will be ample time to “stump the historian” and to explore what our historical past, present and future hold.


Holliston Through Time ...

by Joanne Hulbert 7/8/2014

... A New Book in the Works   The new collection will pair up vintage and contemporary photos. And here's where we need your help.



Old Family Photo Albums – A Plea for Preservation

by Joanne Hulbert 3/17/2013

The recent story and photos of Holliston in the 19th century by Robert Moore is a rare gift to the local historians who constantly work to find new insights into our town’s history. Finding such photos is much appreciated, and it inspires me to make this plea:



Holliston Baseball History: July, 1910

by Joanne Hulbert 7/10/2012

Originally published July, 2010 but now with an addendum. Holliston played baseball 100 years ago and the weekly games were recorded so that we could replay the games again in our mind. We bring them to you now in this, the first in a series of articles, as the Mudville Base Ball Club prepares to take on Stockton on July 31, 2010.



Holliston --- Vacationland 2008 Part 2

by Joanne Hulbert 8/4/2011

Once you are suitably impressed with your musical journey, you may return back from whence you had wandered.  Stop off at the Arch Street bridge and traverse through the Arch -- to Mudville, a venerable old neighborhood of Holliston, often overlooked by travelers.   It wasn’t so back in the 1850s and 1860s when it was a popular destination for visitors looking for an illegal kitchen bar – Mrs. McGuire’s was very popular – notorious – back then. Stop by the Mayor’s residence on School Street and pay homage to the Casey Statue. Recite Casey At The Bat and rub his foot for good luck.


Holliston -- Vacationland 2008 (Part 1)

by Joanne Hulbert 7/26/2011

Few people may realize that Holliston was once a vacation destination for tourists seeking a respite upon the shores of Wennakeening, or for a taste of the rustic life camping out in what is now known as the Town Forest. 



Mudville takes One of Two Games

by Joanne Hulbert 7/14/2009

Mudville takes One of Two Games The sun shone for Mudville --at least for one game..



Staples Chamberlain a True Holliston Hero

by Joanne Hulbert 1/29/2009

(THANK YOU from the Knights of Columbus and the Red Cross. Saturday's drive netted 77 pints of blood, surpassing last year's total.) Staples Chamberlain: a True Holliston Hero If you think it's cold outside, how about reenacting the trip Staples Chamberlain took in the Winter of 1778...



Holliston's Worst Day of Casualities at Fair Oaks

by Joanne Hulbert 1/23/2009

Holliston's Worst Day of Casualties at Fair Oaks News from the Civil War battlefield was sporatic and sketchy...