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Kevin Conley

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Let There Be Pavement

by Kevin Conley 7/19/2016

Progress at the Senior Center parking lot expansion.



Chief Henry Holbrook (retired)

by Kevin Conley 7/5/2016


Curbside Residential And Municipal Collection Program

by Kevin Conley 3/4/2016

Republic Services, our trash pickup contractor, has provided the following proposal for Automated Service for Solid Waste & Recycling



Coffee with the Board of Selectmen

by Kevin Conley 1/8/2015

The first 300 residents get 5% off their real estate taxes. LOL


To the Residents of the Town of Holliston

by Kevin Conley 2/27/2012

For the past eight months, it has been my privilege to serve you as a member of the Holliston Board of Selectmen.   During this time, I have worked to open the doors of the Town to your concerns, and while facing issues as diverse as potholes to health insurance, have done my best to give them appropriate and considered attention. (Conley addressing the Veterans on November 11, 2012)