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Former Holliston Residents Have Exciting News.

by John Shannahan 12/22/2015

"We wanted to make a spot that captured the attention of sports fans, while connecting College Football with New Year’s Eve."


Lions Club to Hold Wine Tasting

by John Shannahan 1/15/2014

“Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.”-Plautus


HCAT-TV: The Way to Go

by John Shannahan 6/11/2013

      Most HCAT programming is on the Public channel. Each channel broadcasts appropriate and relevant bulletin board information, sure to provide good vibrations as you fulfill your daily obligations.  


HCAT Eblast

by John Shannahan 4/22/2013

Living in Holliston is already a blast. But do you know what’s even better?    That’s receiving an “Eblast” from Holliston Cable Access Television ...  


Miller Weather on HCAT

by John Shannahan 2/27/2013

Watch the weather forecast live on HCAT on school mornings from the Miller School between 8-00 and 8-30 am  Monday-Thursday Margot and Lily recently forecast the weather from the Miller School.


HCAT Winners

by John Shannahan 2/11/2013

Amy Porter, Deborah Moore and Herb Krauss are declared the winners ...


High School Kid Next Door Getting on Your Nerves?

by John Shannahan 12/25/2012

Is the high school kid next door getting on your nerves? Maybe it's time to make the nachos?



You Know You're from Holliston if ...

by John Shannahan 9/27/2012

"I think it is the greatest thing on Facebook" --- Caroll Damigella Downtown Holliston circa 1953



Senior Softball League Begins 41st Season

by John Shannahan 4/16/2012

The Holliston Senior Softball League, known in some circles as Old Man Softball, began its 41st season of play on Sunday.  While some things remain the same, there was one obvious difference. 



A Super Day for Two Former Hollistonians

by John Shannahan 2/11/2012

A couple of former Holliston residents had a super day at the Super Bowl.       Jack Bicknell, Jr, and  Kevin Systrom were involved with the Super Bowl.