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by Shirley White Nelson 8/7/2016

You might not think that growing up in safe, peaceful Holliston would help equip someone to write a novel about fear and danger in a country 2,000 miles away. (The Highland Street end of Prospect Street today) This article was originally published in February, 2015.



Childlife and Play Specialty - A Holliston Business (Part II)

by Shirley White Nelson 8/2/2016

Following World War II, Childlife became a national leader in wooden jungle-end swing sets.



Childlife and Play Specialty - A Holliston Business (Part I)

by Shirley White Nelson 7/29/2016

We were living on Miller Hill in Holliston in the late 30’s when I watched him construct an 18-inch-high model out of wood



Squatting on Miller Hill: Part 2, Where Next?

by Shirley White Nelson 9/1/2015

One day while we were still in the first “camp,” our parents had discovered a second one not far away, north of the Miller Hill Road (towards Prentice Street). This was on town property, and with the permission of the town manager, it is where we moved for the summer.  Just for the summer, we thought, once again. 



Squatting on Miller Hill: Part 1

by Shirley White Nelson 8/23/2015 published this article by former resident and author Shirley Nelson two years ago. (Miller Hill today, with the entrance to the Old Miller Road at the corner of Highland and Prospect.) For five years, from the summer of 1934 to the fall of ‘39, my family lived in the woods of Holliston.  We lived primitively in an abandoned shack, 19th century style, without  electricity, telephone or running water, in a space barely comfortable for two people, let alone six.



Squatting on Miller Hill: Part 3

by Shirley White Nelson 6/4/2012

 Part 3 “The End of an Era”   Shirley White Nelson