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There's Nothing to Worry About: A Satire

by David Bastille 8/3/2013

  I've just come from the last of Foxwoods' public presentations, prior to the drafting of a host agreement with Milford. I have to tell you I came away very impressed, and with a change of heart about this thing. I don't know what I was thinking all this time.



Artist Night at the Pejamajo Cafe

by David Bastille 5/9/2013

Monday, May 13, 2013


Gazing into the Crystal Ball

by David Bastille 3/7/2013

Whether you live in Winthrop, Middleborough, Longmeadow, Holliston, or any of several other "surrounding communities," a gambling facility in a neighboring town may affect you directly, without benefitting you directly.



Close, but No Cigar

by David Bastille 2/28/2012

I like maps, don't you? They tell a story. They show you where things are in relation to each other, which can be hard to see at ground level. Because some folks might have only a vague idea of the Crossroads casino proposal, I decided to make a map.



Development News from All Over

by David Bastille 1/21/2012

Hopkinton officials are set to unveil ambitious plans for a mammoth array of auto dealerships along Route 85 to be known as "Hop City." The project, to be developed by a consortium of business interests, will be situated on the town's south side, near the College Street intersection, adjacent to the Holliston border.   



No Casino

by David Bastille 11/14/2011

This is a view of Route 16 (Washington Street) at the Milford town line. If all goes according to the latest plans, there will be an entrance to the Crossroads casino a short distance beyond that yellow directional sign in the background.