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Mass DEP Held a Public Hearing for Recycling on Lowland Street

by Liz Theiler 4/21/2018

On Wednesday, April 11, 2018, DEP held a hearing to grant a recycling permit to American Recycling Materials at 157 Lowland Street, Holliston. My written comments to the DEP prior to the hearing follow..



Pursuing a DPW with Blinders

by Liz Theiler 7/27/2014

The contractor, who will replace the Water Superintendent, hopefully temporarily, will be paid $3,150 per week almost twice the amount $1, 634. per week that Water Superintendent, Doug Valovcin, who recently resigned was paid.



Creating a DPW on the Back of the Water Department

by Liz Theiler 7/4/2014

According to the Town Administrator Holliston will have a DPW director with a salary of about $100,000 while we residents will have about one million gallons a day pumped and delivered to our homes by four operators, half the number of staff recommended by a study paid for by you.



Regarding a DPW

by Liz Theiler 8/9/2012

Date:  August 8, 2012 To: Selectmen and Town Administrator It is my understanding that the study committee on the DPW did not request town meeting to approve a DPW because there was no financial advantage to a DPW.



Senior Center Budget? Resident Speaks Up

by Liz Theiler 3/24/2011

Senior Center Budget?  Resident Speaks Up The Senior Center Budget is questioned.   Seniors now will pay for trash pick up?