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Spring Garden Preview at the Holliston Library

by Jana Milbocker 2/27/2018


The Garden Tourist, 120 Destination Gardens and Nurseries in the Northeast!

by Jana Milbocker 12/9/2017

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the gardener on your list? Join Jana Milbocker, Holliston resident and garden designer, at Jasper Hill Bistro and Cafe on Wednesday, December 13, 7-9 pm, to celebrate the release of her new book, The Garden Tourist, 120 Destination Gardens and Nurseries in the Northeast.


Four Holliston Teens Receive Eagle Scout Awards

by Jana Milbocker 3/30/2015

The highest award from the Boy Scouts of America, the rank of Eagle Scout, was bestowed upon four Holliston teens on Saturday, March 28, in a special ceremony at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Holliston.



Endless Summer, Endless Bloom Hydrangeas

by Jana Milbocker 7/25/2014

The billowy blossom in shades of blue, violet and pink decorated every garden on the Cape, truly "Hydrangea Heaven" as recently observed on a Cape visit.



Prepare for Spring

by Jana Milbocker 3/30/2014

 Although the calendar says that we are technically one week into the spring season, the snow flurries outside say otherwise. With temperatures still in the teens overnight, I know that true spring is a ways off still. But there are a few garden tasks that should be done now, before the soil warms up, the trees leaf out, and the rapid growth of bulbs and perennials begins.  Gardening in Late March: 10 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Spring


Roses are Red, and Others Too

by Jana Milbocker 2/12/2014

   There’s More to Red Than Roses:   Here are ten outstanding red flowers for your garden.



Garden Lecture at Senior Center February 6

by Jana Milbocker 1/29/2014


Bearded Irises

by Jana Milbocker 7/25/2013

Bearded irises are relatively easy garden plants to grow, and will give good results.


Invasive Vine in Gardens

by Jana Milbocker 7/11/2013

Invasive weeds "swallow" up your beautiful garden How to identfy it and what to do about it is an on going problem



Buy Local for Your Garden

by Jana Milbocker 5/8/2013

Garden plants are for sale in grocery to hardware stores ... ... but the locally grown plants are the best for your garden.


Deer Will Not Feast on -- What?

by Jana Milbocker 4/6/2013

What will grow in the shade that deer will not eat?  Pulmonarias, with their eye-catching foliage and early flowers, are the answer.


Flower Show

by Jana Milbocker 3/12/2013

 The 2013 Boston Flower and Garden Show opened to the public on Wednesday at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.   This year’s theme is “Seeds of Change,” 


Winter Gardens

by Jana Milbocker 3/7/2013

 Texture enriches the winter garden.


Gardens in Winter

by Jana Milbocker 2/1/2013

Escape the winter blues. Immerse yourself in the beauty and fragrance of thousands of flowers, learn something new, and get inspired for the upcoming gardening season. Attend a local flower show this winter.


Gardens Under Glass

by Jana Milbocker 1/9/2013

An afternoon in a lushly planted greenhouse is a welcome respite Plan to visit a local garden under glass.


Sweet Autumn Clematis Perfumes the Early Fall Garden

by Jana Milbocker 8/30/2012

Although some Clematis have a reputation for being difficult to grow, Sweet Autumn Clematis (Clematis terniflora, formerly C. paniculata) is a vigorous vine that adds beauty and fragrance to the fall garden.


Orienpet Lilies

by Jana Milbocker 7/28/2012

Orienpet Lilies Dazzle the Mid-Summer Garden    The flowers are gracefully curved, with colors ranging from clear white to soft pastels to bold golds, magentas and oranges.


Hydrangea Annabelle Continues to Please

by Jana Milbocker 7/10/2012

Several years ago, I decided to create a flowerbed alongside my screened porch.


Centaurea Montana

by Jana Milbocker 6/15/2012

Centraurea Montana is a cottage garden favorite seen in the  Holliston Historical Society garden.     This flower is also called the "Perennial Bachelor Button" 


Mayapple:Native Woodland Colonizer

by Jana Milbocker 5/27/2012

Mayapple is yet another spring ephemeral – a perennial woodland wildflower that blooms early in the spring.   Mayapples are unique in that they have a solitary flower, which forms in the axil of the leaves.