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Solar Farm Tree Cutting Update

by William Dowd

Wednesday night, August 13, the Board of Selectmen met in open session and the matter of the rail trail trespass/tree cutting was not even mentioned. It was not on the agenda, and none of the Selectmen took the opportunity during free form “Public Comment” to say anything about this ongoing dispute.

Later, during an agenda item labeled “Social Media Presence”, the Board debated the pro’s and con’s of seeking additional outlets for their messages. During the discussion, it was observed by two of the Selectmen that recent stories or articles contained factual errors or misrepresentations. However, no examples were given, and no corrections or clarifications offered.

I guess we’ll all have to just keep waiting.


Comments (1)

Mr. Dowd: I have been a quiet but strong supporter of your insights and diligence on town matters for a long time. I appreciate your joining boards in town and quieting some comments about your having to get "involved". On this matter, since I am part of the Friends Of Holliston Trails group, I am recognizing that your diligence in following up is a bit misleading to the readers. This matter has been referred by the Selectmen to the Trails Committee to address. Don't you appreciate the Selectmen directing other town approved boards to handle matters that are their "specialty"? People are upset, the Board members are upset, & the other Boards from town that issue permits to the solar farm have supported their "trespass" as reasons to hold them accountable. It is a process that is working thru and I trust that our Town officials have our best interests at heart. I don't feel that commenting on this matter regarding their meeting displays the Selectmen "don't care", so perhaps stifling articles like this will allow all your important and insightful articles to be viewed with the respect I feel they deserve.

Ed Daniels | 2014-08-14 10:51:48