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2012 - 2013 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report (CCR)

by Linda Mann

The Holliston Water Department is pleased to announce the availability of the 2012 - 2013 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report (CCR). The report is available at the following:

Hard copies are also available at the Water Department office at 703 Washington Street, at public buildings and from the Water Department by calling 508-429-0603. This report is prepared each year by the Water Department to inform the residents of Holliston about the quality of their drinking water. The report discusses the sources of drinking water, information sources, how the water is treated, substances found in the water, compliance with drinking water regulations, and Water Department improvements over the last year. Please contact the water office with any comments or questions.  Thank you.

      The Holliston Water Department.

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I would like to know why our water is rusty every other week and yet they tell you to let it run which cost more money and we are suppose to be conserving. Also the rates have gone up. How do you explain a good water report when you can't drink rusty water?

Pat Langley | 2014-06-21 16:48:46