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Garden Club Begins Installing New Patio Garden

by Erin Dowling Porter

Susan Russo plants yarrow as Erin Porter installs Japanese iris.

Selecting plants for the "hot spot" that is the south side of town hall, Daniels designed around the new patio, trees and shrubs donated by Mark Ahronian of Ahronian Landscaping and Design which anchored the display. Although immature, the garden is expected to fill in nicely over the next month and be a restful spot for lunch, a cup of coffee, or a phone conversation in the downtown area. It will be augmented in the coming weeks with more plantings, some by the Garden Club, and some by the Downtown Marigold Project. Plants were selected for high heat, drought tolerance and low maintenance.

The plantings will supplement the decorative seasonal garden in the stone horse trough, designed and maintained by Jana Milbocker of Enchanted Gardens and Liz Theiler, also of the Garden Club.

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