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Junior Rifle Wraps Up Year

by Erin Dowling Porter

Junior Riflery at Holliston Sportsmen's Association Wraps Up the Year with a "Bang"

Holliston, MA... The shooters in the Junior Riflery Division of Holliston Sportsmen's Association held their annual club competition on April 7 and the awards celebration on Monday, April 14th this year. This year's shooters, all of Holliston, each had something to celebrate. Long-time youth coach Rich Girvin distributed the awards, and was himself applauded by his team and their parents.

Club Match Results

The annual in-club match is 10 shots in each of four positions: prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing. A perfect score would be 400 for the four positions. There is also a prone-only competition. The competitors this year were Holliston High School freshmen Daniel Leary, Chad Piepenburg and Madison Colantonio, and sophmore Madison Porter.

Chad Piepenburg started strong in first place in the prone shooting position with a perfect 100 target, followed by a four-position score of 284 for a third place finish. Madison Colantonio won second place in with four-position score of 295. Madison Porter took first place with her score of 373.

(L-R) Chad Piepenburg, Madison Colantonio, Daniel Leary, Madison Porter, Coach Rich Girvin

(L-R) Daniel Leary, Madison Porter and Chad Piepenburg at the regional dinner in Maynard.

 L-R, is Madison Porter, Madison Colantonio, Gabe G of Newton (doesn't have parent permission to release name), Chad Piepenburg and Daniel Leary.


 Competitions this year

Maspenock League covers seven towns and approximately 60 members in the Metrowest region, and holds monthly matches throughout the season. Outside the club, HSA shooters scored well in their regional competitions. Madison Porter, the most seasoned competitor, won the gold medal in the Maspenock League in her intermediate rank. She was also awarded her Expert Rating this year. Chad Piepenburg is close behind, and expects to finish his next year. Dan Leary and Madison Colantonio completed several bars in their journey to expert status.

About Holliston Junior Riflery

The HSA Junior Riflery club has been in existence since 1955. In recent years, it has been led by coach Rich Girvin, who is honored by his team and parents alike for his able and level-headed management of the sport. The team learns focus, control, safety... and has a lot of fun. The season spans from October to April, and weekly practice is held at HSA on Bullard Street on Monday evenings. New members between 12 and 18 are invited to inquire in September at the HSA office or by emailing to Rich Girvin at