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Lions First Annual Wine Tasting

by Pat Duffey

Holliston Lions First Annual

Wine Tasting…BIG SUCCESS 

Over one hundred participants enjoyed sampling and learning about many varieties of wine, bourbon and beer Thursday night at this long awaited event.   It was originally scheduled for Valentines week but needed to be postponed when Mother Nature dumped yet another bunch of snow all over the steps of Town Hall.

The mood was set by the great music of the HHS Jazz Ensemble, selected members of the chorus and some special soloists.  The Lions greatly appreciate the efforts of Stu Brittain and Laura Billidou in preparing these very talented young men and woman and coordinating their presence at the event.  The Holliston Music Parents were there providing coffee and information on their efforts to raise funds for a new music lab.

Dame Sylvia came through with cookies for the kids to keep their energy level at a peak. Donna Cady of Candy Cottage provided an amazing array of chocolates to sample and Deborah Moore sent over some gigantic chocolate covered strawberries. Appetizers were provided by Michael Ficco, owner of Anthony’s on the Green, the restaurant at Pinecrest Golf Club. 



This event was made possible by Jan and Andrea of Depot Package Store. 

A final thanks to Donna Muzzy at Town Hall and the Selectmen for waiving the fees. The Holliston Lions thank all who participated in making this event so much fun.  The Lions are an International Service Organization and all funds raised go directly back to Lions Charities. 

Looking forward the Second Annual Wine Tasting in 2015.

Comments (2)

Sorry, howcome. Nobody from the reporter was available to cover this great event put on by the Lions.

Paul | 2014-04-14 05:48:13

Good bunch of thank you's but no story really of the event with lions or attendees

howcome | 2014-04-13 13:38:07