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Holliston Student Athletes Once Again Personify the Olympic Spirit

by Pat Montain

Medway’s Special Olympic Soccer School Day Games took place on Friday, April 4th drawing an enthusiastic crowd of over 80 student athletes from Medway, Holliston, Ashland, Medfield, and Millis.

(Adams Physical Education teacher, Brandon Kwas preps Joseph Whalen for the Special Olympics.)

Holliston was represented by 26 students from the Miller Elementary School, Adams Middle School, and Holliston High School. These students have been honing their soccer skills for the past couple of months. Their performance and effort represented Holliston well.

(Josue Lobos, Alanna Buchanan, and Lindsey Franco surrounded by well wishers as they leave the Miller School.)

The excitement of this Special Olympics event started even before the student athletes left Holliston. Adams Middle School students cheered the middle school Special Olympic athletes while on their way. Ms. Phipps’ and Mrs. Spino’s third and fourth grade classes set the mood by lining up outside of Miller to cheer the athletes as they made their way to the bus.  Likewise, high school students lined the high school entryway to provide a rousing send off for their Special Olympic athletes.

(Adams students sending their Special Olympians off in style.)

(Students visit the Metrowest SWAT vehicle while they wait for their First Responder escorts to arrive.)

Holliston’s School Resource Officer, Police Officer Bryan DiGiorgio, provided police escort for the Holliston students’ school bus to the Medway VFW parking lot.  From there, they were provided a First Responder’s escort to Medway’s Middle School. The First Responder escort consisted of police, fire, and ambulance from the surrounding towns as well as the Metrowest SWAT team. Needless to say, everyone arrived to the Medway Middle School safely.

When our students disembarked the bus, they were warmly greeted by Medway students.  Medway students also lined the inside school hallways as our athletes walked to register for the event. These Medway students, cheered enthusiastically for our athletes.

(Sean Hunt and Immanuel DA Silva admire the Olympic torch)

The soccer event began with the Parade of Athletes into the Medway Middle School gymnasium.  Next, the New England Revolution’s fox mascot, Slyde, demonstrated his skills trying to score a goal against a couple of Medway High School varsity soccer goalies.  After several attempts, Slyde was able to successfully score a goal.  The Medway cheerleaders performed a cheer made especially for this five town event.

(Lindsey Franco in action being observed by fellow students Sean Hunt and Immanuel DA Silva.)

(Joseph Whalen kicking to score)

After the opening ceremonies, the athletes had the opportunity to exhibit their skills as they rotated through six soccer stations.  The soccer skills consisted of dribbling, shooting, throwing in, and passing skills.  Our athletes were fantastic.

(Maddie Bloecher, Ava Jeye, and Joanne Garry enjoying the Olympic spirit)


(Tyler Pomfred, Tyler Shaw, Joseph Whalen, and Stephen Chan enjoying the friendship of the Olympic games)

The awards ceremony was led by Fox News anchor, Mark Ockerbloom.  Holliston student athletes received their awards from Holliston Fire Fighters Dave Dubin and Steve Garry.  A lunch for the athletes and staff followed in the cafeteria. Tina Chemini of TC Scoops provided much appreciated ice cream after a meal of pizza. Medway students once again lined their hallways to send off Holliston’s student athletes as they boarded the buses.  Back in Holliston, Holliston’s student bodies were again out to welcome their Special Olympic student athletes.

(Special Olympians)

(Sam Cerulli receiving her Olympic medal from Holliston Firefighter Dave Dubin.)


(Ava Jeye receiving her medal from Holliston Firefighter Steve Garry)

The day was made special and possible due to the help of many people. Cari Perchase, Medway’s Middle School principal, and Kristine Keim, Medway’s school based physical therapist did a great job hosting this event. The Medway students were enthusiastic hosts. Cory Zarrella, Massachusetts Special Olympics Associate South Section Director provided much needed advice to the planning committee over a period of several months.  Randy Elkinson of Marketing and Promotional Solutions, located in Holliston, provided t-shirts for all athletes at cost. Many thanks go out to the Holliston teachers and paraprofessionals for their great support to the students during the training and their assistance during the event.  Many thanks go out to the Miller, Adams, and High School student bodies for their rousing “send off” and “welcome back” support. Lastly and most importantly, a big thanks goes out to our Holliston Student Athletes whose hard work and enthusiasm greatly reflect what makes the Special Olympics so very special.

Holliston has been provided the opportunity to host this Five Town Special Olympics event next year. A track and field program is being considered. Please consider donating to fundraisers throughout the year to support this wonderful event.

For more on  the Special Olympics, check out these videos:

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