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There's no Place Like Home

by Donna Maiocca

Today I returned to Holliston for the first time in almost three years ... to get a preview of Linda Vista's estate sale (where I grew up) ... as if that wasn't emotional enough ... I went to the Superette for Framingham Baking pizza and then perused the deli case after another craving for Sheila Love's meatloaf (best I've ever had in my life!). Waited in line at the deli counter to ask if by any chance she might still be making it ... and lo and behold ...

... there is Sheila behind the deli counter!  YES! She is STILL making it ... and I am now eating it on a Framingham Baking roll ... I think I could die and go directly to heaven now.


And that wonderful Chris at the Superette, toured me around the store to "reminisce" over the Holliston memorabilia on the walls. He also shared that the ladies behind the deli counter were into their 25th and 27th years at the Superette. How come they still look the same?

Despite the snow that kept coming down relentlessly, I drove home with a smile on my face. To Chris, and the lovely ladies at Superette, and to Meegan Ford for allowing me to go back to Linda Vista, to all of you, "Thanks for the memories."

And be sure to get some meatloaf ... my favorite is cold ... and then I smear in tons of ketchup and mayo in fresh bread. I had the pleasure to enjoy it on a fresh Framingham Baking roll. Yummo!

Above are some of the Holliston memorabilia on display at the Superette.

This picture was taken at the 90th birthday party of Louis Edward Parker (Lep) Smith at the Linda Vista Farm on Washington Street around 1950.

l-r top row, Joe Phipps, Louise-Lep's housekeeper, Esther Williams, Steve Wheeler & wife, Madeline Ely, Will Brigham

Bottom row, l-r Dick Smith, (Lep's grandson) Edith Brigham, Lep Smith, Helen (Morse) Phipps, Charlie Williams.

Comments (5)

Donna, Next time drop by High Street, you know where the key is! Anne

Anne Huntington | 2014-02-26 08:46:37

I miss Holliston so much. I was Pres. Of Hollistons newcomers club. Wonderful place to bring up a family.

Phyllis burr | 2014-02-26 07:01:00

Hi Donna, I have many great memories of Linda Vista. We went to Tommy's party there after our senior prom. I remember dancing to " A thousand stars in the sky...." Thank you for posting those great pictures! I also love Sheila's meatloaf and just about everything else the Superette makes. I miss living in Holliston . It will always be " home " to me.

Norma French Kittredge | 2014-02-26 07:00:24

Beautiful Donna, I felt like I was right there with you! Thanks for sharing your heart with the rest of us! Great big hugs, Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

Maria Salomao-Schmidt | 2014-02-26 06:58:21

Great photo!! Some familiar names and faces. I am sure it was an emotional roller coaster day but it sounds like it ended on a high note!

Mary Greendale | 2014-02-26 05:26:33