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Incident at the High School

by Superintendent Brad Jackson

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Earlier today, a few High School students were working on a project for a class.  
The project included a prop that resembled a gun, although in reality the prop
was a disabled airsoft gun that that had the orange tip designating it as a toy,

The students were carrying the prop as they walked through the building freely
as part of this project.  Upon becoming aware of this, Mrs. Bottomley contacted
the school resource officer and sent the teacher out to find the students and to
take away the prop.  The prop was then secured with the school resource officer
since it so closely resembled a real gun.  The prop has been taken out the
school and will not return.

At no time were any students in danger.

As the students had the teacher's permission to conduct this project, the
administration is not planning disciplinary action against the students.  
Further conversations between the HS Administration and the teacher who
supervised the project will take place to make sure that this incident is not

If you have any questions regarding this incident, please contact the High
School office.


Bradford L. Jackson, Ed.D.                 Nicole Bottomley

Superintendent of Schools                  Principal, Holliston High School


Comments (2)

The Holliston Police Department continues to provide a full-time School Resource Officer to HPS. The SRO is based out of HHS.

Brad Jackson | 2014-01-10 09:29:03

Looks like a great time to commend the town on "redistributing resources" and removing a school resource officer. The dog and new cruisers will stop the next gun man.

HHS Alum. | 2014-01-09 19:59:48