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Candidate Katherine Clark visits Holliston

by Nancy Farrell

Candidate for 5th Congressional District Representative Katherine Clark makes a campaign stop in Holliston. What election, you say? 


 Katherine Clark, the Democrat running for Congress visited Holliston on Saturday during the Holiday Stroll. She met with strollers at the Pejamajo Cafe and had her picure taken above with Selectman Jay Leary,  Rep Carolyn Dykema, Selectman Kevin Conley and Gregg Lewis. She also attended the tree lighting ceremony at Blair Square before going to the home of Beth Greeley to meet with town residents.

State Senator Katherine Clark is running for U.S Representative in a Special Election on December 10. She came to Holliston for an informal gathering at Beth Greeley's house on Saturday night. A good crowd turned out to meet Senator Clark and hear her views. Informed citizens are critical to the democratic process. Especially so when the process is threatened by greed, demagoguery and cynicism. There's about a week left to learn about the candidates and issues. Polls are open 7am to 8pm next Tuesday.
Funny how life works some times. You start out your working life, take this job and that. Until you reach a point that you have amassed a set of skills and experience that positions you perfectly to fulfill the deep dream of what you imagined you would do with your life. If you're lucky. Katherine Clark seems at such a point. Her life and career path have given her many different insights and strategies relevant to the tough political issues of our times.

And the crowd had some tough issues to talk about. The discussions, reasoned and civil, centered on the difficulties she might face in the 113th Congress. Disguised as humor, a hard question came as she was preparing to speak: why would you want to do this? Later, showing her most extraordinary quality -- vision, she answered, "I do believe that government can work well." Clark seems so willing to take on the challenge of the intractability in government. She makes you almost believe that it could change. Oops, there's that cynicism that turns to apathy creeping in again.
Her plan for breaking down the barriers is deceptively simple. Find issues that you can work together on. Occam's Razor. For her, it is a tried and true method.
Some of the issues she brought up were enacting tougher gun safety laws, protecting Social Security and Medicare and promoting early childhood education to give children living in poverty a chance. She spoke passionately about the importance of saving our government, that is, government by the people. She identified redistricting, fighting Citizens United, public financing of campaigns, getting full disclosure on campaign financing, and protecting voting rights as ways to reduce the influence of money in politics.

Katherine Clark chats with Megan O'Brien

 It's a Special Election for just one seat in Congress, but it's an important one. So get out to vote.

Thanks to the Democratic Town Committee for giving us a chance to meet Katherine Clark and to Beth Greeley for hosting the event.

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I would like to give personal testimony to the fine person that Katherine Clark is. I have known Katherine for about 16 years, since our children were infants and we were all pushing around strollers in Charlestown. Katherine, who ultimately moved to Melrose, worked as legal counsel at the Mass. Office for Children. You could not find a more dedicated and compassionate lawyer. She was a clear eyed and level headed problem solver, and I always left a conversation with her wishing a) that there were more people like her in state government and b) that she would stay in government and continue to work in behalf of the people most in need. Now that it looks like she is going to Congress, I guess we can both be glad I made that wish. Good luck Katherine!! David Tobin

David Tobin | 2013-12-04 11:27:35