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Newcomers 36th Annual Craft Fair

by Nancy Farrell

There was a pretty good turnout despite the cold, windy weather for the Club's biggest fundraiser of the year. About 60 craft vendors filled the gym, displaying a wide variety of crafting. 

Lester and Annie's Wonderful World of Wooden Toys had an amazing collection of beautifully made, well-conceived toys; movie cameras, candlestick telephones, trucks, buses and so much more. There's such a wonderful romance in these timeless toys they are hard to resist. The bus I bought from Lester and Annie's at this craft fair some twenty years ago is still after many years of use ready for play. Lester was kind enough to give me a replacement rope pull for it.

Linda and Lisa Ahronian showed some of the chocolate-nutty-caramel wafers they got at The Candy Cottage. 

What do you do with old, broken china?  There can be so many memories in china: the family dinners, beloved gifts, even the odd pitch across the room to make a point as it shatters. Some pieces are hard to throw away. For my mother there were few problems that a nice cup of tea couldn't make better. I have a fine collection of china cups without handles that still hold the memory of all those good talks over tea. Mary-Ann Woods of Dinner Wear Jewelry in Franklin turns these broken bits of pottery into works of art -- lovely jewelry and decor. The level of detail and her choice of treatment is amazing. The center drawing of a plate, cut out in fine detail, becomes a beautiful brooch; a half of a belleek plate becomes a delicate wall hanging. All of it wonderfully imaginative and finely executed.

Beekeeper Tony Lulek's Om Sweet Om Bee Products booth was a popular spot. He was selling the delicious honey and his great beeswax soaps, creams and lotions, aromatic with essential oils. I loved the wonder on a young visitor's face as Tony answered her question about why some honey was light and some dark. It was a moment of discovery about the world as she listened to his story about how the color and flavor of the honey changes as the bees gather from different flowers throughout the summer.


Donna Cady was selling her delightful treats from The Candy Cottage. 

Drew Howard and Prateek Gowda were selling LED light bulbs to raise money for the Holliston High School Robotics Club. The club is planning their entry in the USFirst robotics competition.  

Nicole Dowin, Karen Kilgore and Kiki Lansdale were at the Baked Goods table. Each of the Newcomers brings two items to sell. The table was bursting with homemade goodness. 

Allan James of Maynard provided the musical entertainment for the event with his lively folk and more tunes. 

Ginnie Cotter and Kathi Pennypacker sold raffle tickets for the donated crafts -- each crafter donates one item. I was lucky enough to win a beautiful hand-turned olive wood pen made by Luke Davison at The Refinishery. Thanks, Luke. 
The Refinishery's booth displayed the other beautiful things Luke makes from recovered wood and wood furniture. The pens have such a nice feel to them. They would make a great gift, but I decided to keep mine. 


Mrs. Suwalski. How nice it was to see my kids' art teacher there selling her watercolors. An inspiring teacher and artist. Lavonne Suwalski draws you into a scene (excuse the pun) with depth of composition and color that is a balm to the eye. There's so much imagination and skill here, but a little magic too. I love this painting of a house I pass daily -- I'll never see it in the same way again.

Framed watercolor of the house at Woodland and Washington.

Sew Cute really was so cute. Liv Rosen had brought a collection of tote bags in vibrant, fun fabrics -- all designed and stitched by this talented young girl.  

Kat Suwalski of Wildkat Hoops showed her awesome hooping. She was selling hoops, but she offers classes in hula hooping and does hula birthday parties.

There was so much to explore, such good shopping. Where else would you buy a marshmallow shooter made from PVC pipes? Or the perfect man-cave candles with dirt, bacon or beer scents? 
I've picked a very few of the beautiful, creative work at the Craft Fair. You'll have to go next year and see for yourself. 
Well done, Newcomers!