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Standard & Poor Upgrades Holliston's Bond Rating

by Paul LeBeau

November 7, 2013 - The Town of Holliston’s Finance Team is pleased to acknowledge a bond rating upgrade by Standard and Poor’s from AA- to AA+ for the Town of Holliston’s General Obligation bonds.

According to Standard and Poor:   

The stable outlook reflects our opinion of the town's strong budgetary flexibility and performance, supported by good financial management policies. Moreover, Holliston's stable economy and diverse property tax base lends it stability.”


The rating upgrade also reflects significant strides in setting aside reserves, providing for long term liabilities, addressing capital needs, and responsibly managing annual operating budgets.

The Finance Team includes:  Treasurer/Collector Mary Bousquet, Town Accountant David Nalchajian, Principal Assessor Kathryn Peirce, School Business Manager Keith Buday, Town Administrator Paul LeBeau, the Board of Selectmen, the Finance Committee, and the voters of Holliston who participate in Town Meetings and Town Elections.


Mary Bousquet, Treasurer/Collector, 508.429.0602,

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While this may not seem earth shattering, it is very good news. It means that an independent agency with serious credibility, has found that the town is managing its finances well and is prepared for the future. It also means we have the ability to borrow at lower interest rates when the need arises. Holliston has a history of fiscal responsibility in large part due to co-operation of our town employees , their management and especially the leadership shown by the Finance Committee. Great job everyone!

Mark Schultz | 2013-11-08 07:33:20