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Democratic Town Committee's Annual Barbecue

by Nancy Farrell

Whew ... These people really know how to throw a party. There was great food and drink, a fun crowd and the whole place was groovin' along to the walking blues beat of Walk That Walk.
The event raises money for the group's grassroots activities throughout the year -- in support of candidates, in their mission to engage people in discussions about important issues and ideas and to give back to our community. 
Considering the current situation in Washington, I guess I expected a lot of haranguing about Republicans. It was clear that there is a lot of frustration with the way things are. The talk leaned more toward serious politics, well-informed by history, but also toward books, art, life and the kids. And then there was the dance floor. Walk That Walk really gets it going.
The core group here work at the nuts and bolts of politics -- getting out the vote. Their bywords are visibility, canvassing, phone banks. They exhibit an earnest belief in the basic premise that every vote counts, yours, mine, theirs. That is the political process, the foundation of our system of government. And now they want to get us talking, all of us -- listening and talking -- engaging in conversations important to us all. No small task there.
Our State Senator Karen Spilka was there, looking remarkably relaxed in the last days of her primary campaign to become our U.S representative. (The Primary Election is on Tuesday, October 15.) I overheard her say to a friend, who had commented on all the things she has accomplished, "I do it because I love it." She wasn't campaigning, just talking with a friend. I have wondered how people have the gumption and grit to enter the political arena. Is it as simple as that? You gotta love it.
A fine drizzle fell as the party started, but the skies cleared and groups of people sat around the fire pits on a beautiful, chilly, fall night. It was such a good time.