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Cheerleaders on Boston Radio

by Theresa Lamkin

Holliston High School Cheerleaders Hit Boston Radio ...


They call it ‘Slater’s High School Football Challenge’. Each Monday, CBS radio station AMP 103.3 out of Boston posts the five high school football games they will be watching. They then challenge listeners to vote for ‘the school you think is the best’. On Friday at 5:00, the winner is announced and that school’s cheerleaders go ‘hang with (the folks) at the 103.3AMP Radio studios and take over Slater’s show!’ Last week, Holliston won the challenge.


When 103.3AMP announced that the Holliston/Westwood match-up was one to the five chosen games, the students got fired up to show their school pride. Holliston football players and cheerleaders were all working overtime to get the word out and mount their own version of the ‘Get out and Vote’ campaign. The competition between Westwood and Holliston was strong. Their determination and competitive spirit rose to the occasion.

Of the 10 towns, Holliston & Westwood were the only two towns with more than 1% of the vote. They battled for first place right up until literally the last minute. At 5:00 on Friday, October 4th, Holliston came out on top. Of 44,800 votes between the two schools, Holliston won by 74 votes.


Today, the cheerleaders took their spirit on the road to Boston. They headed into the Boston radio station to pre-record content for Slater’s Thursday show. They wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted. Clearly every vote counted.


You can visit  the 103.3AMP radio website for pictures of the squad in the studio and sound bites of their show ( 

Congratulations to Holliston High School.

Clearly, no one beats Holliston when it comes to school spirit.