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Hydrant Flushing Starts October 7, 2013

by Linda Mann






continuing for approximately 4-6


Unidirectional Flushing approach will

isolate sections of

Town to allow more efficient cleaning of

the Mains.

(See Map on Town Website:

for Areas of Weekly Flushing)

Some discoloration/sediment may be noticed as hydrants

 are flushed in your neighborhood.

Please Be Careful In Use of Washing Machine.

Comments (5)

Hey Great! As a Civil Engineer who designs them, I understand that a UniDirectional Flushing program is an essential element to maintaining a water distribution system. The UDF program flushes out sediments from the system increasing water quality. The program also exercises all of the valves and hydrants within the system. This allows for leaking, damaged, or inoperable valves and hydrants to be identified and replaced. You may want to thank the water department when they find that broken hydrant in front of your house on an October night rather than the fire department finding it in the middle of a house fire at 2am on a February night. BWTM... Municipal water quality standards are tightly regulated under MassDEP. These regulations are more strict than those placed on bottled water. Think about that before you drink from the next 16oz plastic bottle you buy for 100x more than the cost of 16oz of water from your tap!! And try treating your own groundwater well the way they treat Holliston's tap water. It will cost you thousands of dollars, probably more, not including permitting and installation!

Matt Barry | 2013-10-07 20:17:33

Herb, go to Town Departments to the drop down menu, click water. It's on the right hand side in a PDF...

Alison | 2013-10-05 14:56:27

I can hardly wait! more nasty water, tasting and color. . when will this ever be taken care of ??? Our water is awful and now more flushing. . I may just dig a well of my own!!!

Great! | 2013-10-03 09:27:23

Party time!

Andrew Mades | 2013-10-03 05:31:19

I think the town website needs some work. Just try and find the map for hydrant flushing. :-(

Herb Krauss | 2013-10-03 04:32:49