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Hibiscus Thief

by Deb Moore

Some time Friday night, August 30, 2013, this particluar Hibiscus tree disappeared from the entrance at Pinecrest Golf Club.

If anyone saw anything that night, please notify the Holliston Police Department (508 429-1212). It would have taken at least a few minutes to dig the tree out of the ground and then load it into a trunk or truck before driving off.

Take another look. Maybe one just like it popped up in a yard near you. Thanks for any information you can provide.

Comments (6)

what has happened to the beautiful bulbs/ flowers that were planted by the Downtown Marigold Fund at 726 Washington Street? Now prepared for plain grass.

curious | 2013-09-03 10:07:23

I hate that you people are referring to others as "trash" a few months ago it was a Senior citizen who took day lilies. .are they too "trash" you have spoken before you even know who or what took the tree... this is so biased and one sided. . if you are so worried about "trash" move...simple enough....

sad at the language | 2013-09-03 05:23:40

Perhaps "Holliston Townie" could enlighten us what "trash" is moving to Holliston and stealing Hibiscus trees ?? - let us know so we can be on the lookout.

Holliston resident | 2013-09-02 22:01:46

This is getting sickening. A simple beautiful tree is now gone. Look at the trash who is already moving to and around Holliston. I can't even imagine if a casino were to be built.

Holliston Townie | 2013-09-01 07:25:24

I wonder if it is the same person who dug up the flowers across the street from the Congregational Church?

Ruth | 2013-09-01 05:48:51

This is getting out of control! First, the gun store is broken into, then flowers stolen from downtown, and now this?? What's next?? Boy this town has changed..

Barry Fitzgibbons | 2013-09-01 05:05:16