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State House Update from Rep. Carolyn Dykema

by Leah Robins

 In many ways, the legislature has had a summer of extremes as well, with ongoing debate between the Governor and the legislature over revenues, spending and the budget for the next fiscal year that began on July 1. The final result was a vote by the legislature to support a budget including new resources for roads and public transportation, funding dedicated to our most pressing local needs, and management reforms to the state EBT "welfare" program. Highlights of the final budget are detailed in this newsletter.

I am pleased that in recent months, my work on water infrastructure, a neglected yet crucial infrastructure, has been getting more attention. For our district, often described as an engine of future economic growth in the Commonwealth, management of water infrastructure is of particular importance. I've filed a comprehensive set of water legislation that I'll be working to move forward this fall and I continue to welcome perspectives on this issue from our residents and towns.
Other issues I'm working on include efforts with our new District Attorney Marian Ryan to increase penalties for repeat domestic violence offenders, and work with area farmers on ways the legislature can help local agriculture.
Enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer. See you around town!



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