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Big News from the Dancing Arts Center

by Karyn Edison


I am pleased and proud of the accomplishments of the Dancing Arts Center over the last 34 years.  Thanks to many of you, DAC is what it is because of your ideas, effort and dedication.  After more than three decades of growth, DAC is entering yet another phase, set to expand even further, and celebrate our milestone of 35 years in dance education!  The continued excellence of this school remains one of my greatest priorities, however, my availability as administrative and artistic director are barely sufficient to take DAC into the future that it and you deserve. 


I am not leaving DAC, just shortening my work week and continuing to do what I love most: teach, coach, and choreograph.  As founding director, I will remain Principal of the  Children's Division and Academy as well as contemporary department head.  I am pleased to have found my directing successors and DAC's new owners right here within our staff.  Like me, they care and will guide DAC into a future, of which you would be proud to be a part.  It has never been my visions to possess a Karyn Edison's School of Dance, but instead, establish and pass on an international school where any family who desires quality could find it, and any master teacher could feel inspired to work.


To my delight, the future of DAC is insured in the experienced hands of Mr. Gregg Saulnier and Mr. Patrick Notaro, two very devoted and passionate masters.  They assume ownership, artistic direction, and administrative conservatory as of September 1, 2013.  It is comforting to know as the new owners, Mr. Saulnier and Mr. Notaro are committed to maintaining the current programs, and calendar of events that you have come to know and love.  The principles and identity that made the cornerstone of DAC will remain the same. The name and address of the school, and online presence will continue as well.
 We are already making a seamless transition together.  You may have noticed subtle changes in recent months.  Look for gradual welcomed differences in the year to come.  Mr. Saulnier and Mr. Notaro are a strong team, each with complimentary talents.  They provide a steady artistic compass for our community and will carry DAC's vision forward.  Your continued support, trust and belief in our work is as appreciated then, as it is now.  Thank you!  I look forward to the next step for all of us.


                                                                                       Yours in Dance,

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 A Letter From the New Owners



Mrs. Edison has dedicated the past 34 years faithfully developing the Dancing Arts Center into the thriving artistic gem it is today.  Not surprising, she has also taken much time & consideration in selecting who she feels will be best suited to continue the outstanding tradition of this wonderful artistic organization and lead the school into the future.


It is with great pleasure that we announce accepting the leadership role of the Dancing Arts Center with an effective date of September 1, 2013.  We look forward to bringing our extensive and rich background as professional performing artists and successful record of school administration to the Dancing Arts Center.  Mr. Notaro's primary responsibilities will be to direct the training at the school and lead the artistic vision with a supporting role in administration.  Mr. Saulnier's primary responsibilities will be to direct the administrative and production aspects with a supporting role as faculty and ballet master.


Mrs. Edison will assist us in the administrative transition over the 2013-14 year.  With the responsibility of the school administration shifted to us, we are also delighted to announce that Mrs. Edison will continue as faculty in a new role as Principal of the Children's Division (Movement Expressions through PreBeginner), the Academy, and modern dance department head.  She will continue leading the beginners of the main division in classical ballet, character and modern dance.


During the past several months we have been working with Mrs. Edison to enhance the Dancing Arts Center experience for its students, parents and patrons.  Rest assured, the 2013-14 class schedule and calendar was developed with the transition of leadership in mind - so all registration packets for the fall are current.  Any modifications to the 2013-14 class schedule or calendar, if any, will be minor and we will make every effort to communicate these items to you well in advance.


More importantly, we hope you share in our excitement and enthusiasm for the journey that lies ahead as we enter Dancing Arts Center's 35th anniversary year!  Here is a sample of what we're planning:


·         Expanded Nutcracker 2013 

·         Spring Concert 2014 / 35th Anniversary Gala - Theatre TBA

·         Enhanced Summer Intensive Program

·         The Patrick Notaro Dance Project 

·         Be on the lookout for other exiting news!


Past, present, and future - there is much to celebrate during this banner year.  We are truly grateful to be leading Dancing Arts Center at this special time in its history.



With warmest regards,


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      Patrick Notaro             Gregg S. Saulnier


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Congratulations, Karyn. Much like a proud parent watching a child, you are watching your school graduate to a new level. You have worked so very hard for so many years and done it all with grace and passion. All my best.

Mary Greendale | 2013-09-03 05:11:23