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Senior Center Grants

by Lina Arena-DeRosa

 The Holliston Senior Center is proud to announce that it has received a number of major grants in the last three months. As Holliston's elder population continues to grow, these donations and grants have become lifelines for the Center's vital work.

In April, three community groups, Holliston's Newcomers, Lions and Celebrate Holliston gave the Center a total of over $3,000 to purchase new tables and chairs for the Center. Currently, the Center's chairs are in disrepair and their tables are worn. Director Lina Arena-DeRosa acknowledged "The chairs are over 25 years old and very wobbly, almost unsafe, and many of the tables have broken legs that are in constant need of repair. We have purchased thirty new tables and over a hundred new chairs thanks to these wonderful local organizations that care about the needs of our elder community".

In mid-May, St. Mary's Knights of Columbus presented the Center with a $5,000 check to help with the enormous growth of its twice weekly nutrition program. This program serves 30-40 seniors a hot and nutritious lunch (catered by Holliston's Fairview Restaurant) on Mondays and Wednesdays. Although a $3 donation is requested, the cost is $7 per meal. Director Lina Arena-DeRosa stated "Many of our seniors choose between affording a hot meal or their medications. Moreover, these meals offer an opportunity for seniors to get together and socialize, and for those living alone, a chance to see old friends and neighbors."

In late May, the Center received word that Middlesex Savings Bank Foundation awarded the Center a $12,000 grant that will help the Center keep track of its growth and its needs through a digital program called My Senior Center. Currently, all Center statistics are recorded manually, but with the Center's growth in usage, it has become enormously labor intensive. Director Lina Arena-DeRosa believes this new program will allow every senior to have an individual card that they can swipe at either entrance and then record the program they attend. This innovative digital program which will help the Center keep accurate statistical information that is required by the State.

Finally, last week, MetroWest Health Foundation granted the Center almost $10,000 to host a Falls Prevention Program in Holliston and surrounding communities called "A Matter of Balance". Each year thousands of elders fall and these falls are not only expensive they can be life changing. A Matter of Balance is a Stanford University Evidence Based Program that teaches seniors that falling can be prevented as well as hope to cope in case of a serious injury. The Center's Director noted "seniors want to age at home and A Matter of Balance educates them on simple ways to prevent falls as wells helps senior overcome the fear of falling".

Senior Center Director, Lina Arena-DeRosa said "We are pleased and excited that we have been underwritten by so many non profit groups and Foundations in the past few months. Our growth has been tremendous over the last five years but without the continued support of these groups, we could not meet the needs of our expanding elder population. I am grateful and humbled that so many are willing to help us help them."

For further information, contact Lina Arena-DeRosa @ or at 508-429-0622.