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DTC Supports Gun Control

by Beth Greely

The Holliston Democratic Town Committee has decided to take a stand on the need for gun control legislation. Following our community forum “Let’s Talk Guns” in March of this year we have had many conversations and have educated ourselves on this issue. Our forum was attended by over a hunded gun enthusiasts from all over Massachusetts and New Hampshire who did their best to disrupt what could have been a substantive conversation in our community about gun safety and the pros and cons of proposed  gun legislation. 

In light of the urgent need to curb gun violence including the nearly 35,000 guns
deaths every year, The Holliston Democratic Town Committee endorses the President’s practical gun safety proposals, including an assault weapons ban, magazine clip limitations and universal background checks. 

We also urge our fellow citizens to contact their legislators to ask for their support - and vote - at this critical time for these long overdue common sense measures.

Holliston’s Democratic Town Committee is a group of interested and involved people who work together to promote Democratic candidates and ideas, as well as bring conversation and service to Holliston. We are working to elevate conversation on issues such as gun control, the environment, healthcare, education and curruption in government. We run a issues oriented “Political Junkies Book Club”. We have raised thousands of dollars for the Holliston Food Pantry and our members participate in many town service projects. We meet the second Saturday of every month at the Holliston Town Hall at 10am and invite any registered Democrat to stop by and meet our group. 

Visit our website at

Comments (12)

Not sure I agree with the 2011-2015 projection, but the past numbers do show 30,000 gun related deaths.

Mark | 2013-06-02 20:32:30

Regrettably more than half the gun deaths every year are due to suicides, how would restricting the magazine capacity effect that? The overwhelming number of other gun deaths are done with handgun, most of which would not be effected by a magazine limit. So how does limiting the freedom of law abiding gun owners prevent or reduce gun related deaths from criminals and the mentally troubled?

John | 2013-06-02 19:46:45

Mr.Pruzanni: I also said that the issue should be discussed in a civil manner, which is not hurling personal insults at someone - why don't you do some homework and advise what the stats really are ?? how many deaths or injuries per year in the USA are gun related ?? how many guns do civilians in the USA own ?? We all react differently to tragedies and I don't believe that you have a lock on the truth.

Mr. Lee | 2013-06-02 18:11:39

Mr.Lee Where did you get those figures show me exactly what study or organization gave you those figures. These figures are totally false. You are one not to be taken seriously. Our elected officials are sworn to uphold the Constitution and not do a knee jerk over a horrible tragedy and infringe on my rights. I am responsible for protecting myself and no government force will be there at a specific moment if that should occur. You are responsible for yourself. Mr. Lee it also very complex with all the lies coming out of Washington. Stick to the statistics here in Mass. you have no control over another state. I fear the politicians more than the criminals.

Richard Prutzanni | 2013-06-02 13:08:26

There are over 30,000 gun related deaths per year and an additional 70,000 injuries - after dropping in the mid 90's, gun deaths are on the rise again - there are currently over 300 million guns held by civilians in the USA - I wonder what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they were thinking in terms of single shot muskets and local militia ?? it's a complex issue that should be discussed in a civil manner, if that's possible.

Mr. Lee | 2013-06-02 10:35:51

Sunday morning, 7:00 AM. We are out covering the triathlon and we don't do this for a living. HR

Paul | 2013-06-02 07:41:19

Greetings from the one who 'barked' out the Pledge of Allegiance. I am concerned over the allegiances of those who feel that guns need control while criminals do not. It seems that the more 'gun legislation' that is voted for the more we need. At some point you have to decide whether you are an American or do you just live here. America is not a gender, race, religion, ethnicity or skin color. America is the idea that all humans are created equal with certain rights that are given by their creator not the Democratic Town Committee or any other entity. Molon Labe.

Timothy Roesch | 2013-06-02 07:28:14

I guess you don't post all opposing views!!!!

Richard Prutzanni | 2013-06-02 07:16:05

Lets see we are to go along with the president on targeting conservative groups IRS. Eric Holder attacking the 1'st amendment and the way news is reported. The cover up in Libya the backlog of veterans claims and the list goes on. Evil will always be present much like weather related storms. If this committee had its way it would ban pressure cookers in the wake of the Marathon Bombings. Follow the laws already on the books in Mass. Funny how you can only attend these meetings if you are a registered democrat for the greater good of your community. Sounds much like the bipartisanship that your president promotes ignoring everyone else's opinion but your own when the facts show differently.

Richard Prutzanni | 2013-06-02 07:02:02

Where did the # 35000 come from? Does that enclude all the wars also ? If you are talking just the USA, thats around 700 per state. I don't think so.

Roger Castelli | 2013-06-02 03:44:13

Perhaps Beth to tell us exactly which of the President's proposals will impact criminals who already ignore all the laws on the books. Will these proposals do anything to stop criminals? How? What data does she present in support of her contention? Just "doing something" to make yourself feel better is meaningless. Perhaps she could convince Rep. Linsky to propose legislation to prevent current gun laws from being plea bargained, at least in MA. Plea bargaining, routinely allows criminals to avoid conviction on illegal gun charges. Yes, let's actually implement the laws on the books.

Sandy | 2013-06-01 12:00:05

I remember the gun law forum. That was the one where Rep. Linski talkede about his gun control legistration that would have limited pistol magazines to 7 rounds, thereby making most pistols illegal, and requiring them to be destroyed or sold out of state. It is doubtful that criminals would have followed the law. With reguard to elevating the conversation on government corruption, has that included the IRS targeting certain groups, or the Atourney Geenral's office targeting reporters while the White House leaked classified information on killing of bin Ladin, the "stuxnet virus", and drones in order to try to make the president look good ?

john | 2013-06-01 05:09:34