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Cesh Visits With the Seniors

by Carmen Chiango

(Enjoying the warmth of the sun.)

(Waiting for the demonstration to start.)

On Monday May 13, 2013, Officer Matt Stone and his working partner Cesh, Holliston's police dog, visited the senior center for a demonstration of Cesh's talents. Cesh is now 17 months old and continues to be trained in the various aspects of police work.

(Lina, the director of the senior center and Officer Stone.)

After the seniors had lunch about 40 of them moved outside to watch Cesh and Matt in a search and find exercise. A young women who helps with lunch volunteered to throw her keys onto the grass and have Cesh try to find them.

(Officer Stone explaining a few facts about Cest to the seniors.)

Cesh was brought into the area by Officer Stone and was walked back and forth across a section of the yard. Once Cesh had the scent he was looking for he turned his head in the direction of the keys and went to them.

(Officer Stone walking Cesh across the yard to pick up the scent of the hidden keys.)

He kept the keys between his paws until he was given the command to stand.

(Cesh with the keys between his paws.)

At this time he was rewarded with a treat. Matt has a pouch on his belt with food and Cesh is constantly rewarded when a task is completed.

(What do I get now that I have found the keys?)

Matt and Cesh work well together. As Cesh continues his training, he will be a big asset to the Holliston Police Department.