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Planning Board Reacts to Roadway Safety Audit

by Jack Donovan

The Planning Board has reviewed the RSA report. Based on the list of recommendations, the Board’s position is that signalization of this intersection is the only option that makes this intersection the safest in terms of driving and walking. It would involve traffic signals at both Central Street and Hollis Street.

We will be requesting the Selectmen to initiate a traffic count and run a series of computer models to develop the optimum traffic movements. At that point, the projected delays on Washington Street and other streets in the area can be estimated. The Town can then decide if the added delays on Washington Street during the AM and PM rush hours outweighs the benefits:

1.    Unchallenged left hand turns from Central Street and Hollis Street to Washington Street 24/7


2.    Pedestrians can cross Washington Street with all vehicles stopped.

3.    The number of vehicular accidents in this intersection should drop dramatically.

It would be best if the Selectmen sponsor this work since they manage the town roads. The cost of the signals would be $800,000 which would need to be paid by the Town of Holliston,

Jack Donovan
Holliston Planning Board

Comments (7)

Road safety audit is vital for the safety of public and kids too. There must be safety signs on the road to make people aware of safety rules.I always consult for getting advices and solutions regarding safety audits.

Linda Smith | 2013-01-27 20:43:20

Typical reaction in today's world -- punish the masses to penalize the few who don't follow rules of the road. The accidents and near misses occur from impatient drivers turning left onto Wahington St. from either Hollis St. or Central St. Either cite them for not yielding the right of way regardless of the result, accident, near miss, or nothing at all or prohibit all left turns from these two streets onto Washington St.

Len | 2013-01-24 16:50:24

It seems that the traffic and accidents in this area increased when we added the turning lane of traffic on Washington St going Eastbound and changed the lane configuration so there is a curve to the lane pattern. This intersection was never easy to negotiate, but it was never this bad. Add to that the flashing lights for pedestrians that don't work properly and it is a mess. Why can't the existing lights be changed to crossing lights that change to red when the button is pushed by the pedestrian. Why spend all that money on something that will do more harm than good for the traffic of our small town. Businesses in this area will suffer even more.

Ridiculous | 2013-01-22 08:11:17

While I'm certainly not against lights I do not think it will completely solve the problem. Aside from rush hours when traffic will crawl through town, generally all other times of day cars will still be moving way too fast through our small town center and now they will be trying to beat a light on top of it too. The rules for changing the speeds on our roads are absolutely illogical. We should have the right and power to lower the speed limit in our town center.

sandra | 2013-01-21 17:22:36

Ok and how much is it to post a police officer there during rush hour? $35/hour x 3 hours X 5 days X 52 weeks = $27,300/year.....

Betty | 2013-01-21 15:02:38

Erin - The State Highway is limited from Baker Street North to the Ashland town line on Rt. 126 and from Pearl Street West to the Milford town line on Rt.16

Bobby Blair | 2013-01-21 13:43:48

Since Route 16 (Washington St) is actually a state road and they are responsible to maintain and repair all traffic signals along this route, why can't we petition them to pay for some, if not all, of the cost for this intersection?

Erin Palmatier | 2013-01-21 12:01:28