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Deadline for CPA Requests: September 14

by Sam Tyler

Proposals for Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds for consideration at the
October 29 Town Meeting are due at Town Hall no later than Friday, September 14.

Application instructions and the budget request form can be found on the CPC's Questions can be directed to
Sam Tyler at or 429-6822.

Comments (1)

The Community Preservation Committee does great things for the Town, we are all fortunate that they do what they do, and that Sam Tyler is there to bring it all together. But it also provides an opportunity to point out a significant flaw in the system. At Town Meeting this past May, the final CPC proposals were presented to the FinCom literally one hour before it began. Due to meeting posting problems, the FinCom couldn't even hold a legal meeting before Town Meeting began, and had to listen in as Sam presented to the Selectmen. I've seen this same thing played out in prior years as well. But it should never have come to that. The CPC needs to have its proposals assembled in time for a thorough and proper review by the FinCom. These proposals often involve hundreds of thousands of dollars in spending and deserve a full airing and examination. As wonderful as the CPA funds are, and as confident as we are in Sam, I know of no reason why they should not be held to the same timing and review requirements applied to everyone else in town that takes place in February and March. Residents expect to read about the recommendations of the FinCom in the published Warrant and FinCom report. To do that, things need to be wrapped up weeks before Town Meeting begins. Imagine what would happen if the Library Trustees showed up at the High School one hour before Town Meeting with their budget. I don't know how the above published submission deadline of September 14 works into a process leading up to Town Meeting on October 29, but I would urge the CPC to ensure that the FinCom has adequate time to learn about, inquire about, consider and make publishable recommendations on any spending proposals that may come forward. Alternatively, if there are reasons why the CPC proposals must wait to the very last minute, it would be important to have that explained as well.

Bill Dowd | 2012-09-06 09:12:01