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Transportation Bond Funds Authorized for Local Holliston Project

by Leah Robins

"Investments to improve our local transportation infrastructure have significant
benefits to our communities and our quality of life. I'm very pleased that we
were able to include improvements to alleviate flooding on Route 16 in Holliston
in the final bill. This has been a long standing public safety concern that
needs to be addressed," said Dykema.

The amendment authorizes $150,000 for planning and construction relative to
drainage improvements to address routine flooding on Route 16 near Hopping Brook
Industrial Park.

Comments (18)

Election year ploy? Carolyn has been working on this since at least 2010! When Tea Party Marty's people show up to tear down our friend and neighbor Carolyn Dykema, they usually have no idea what they're talking about and they show that they have little beyond carping negativity. Fortunately for us, most of them live outside the district, where they've missed the fact that Carolyn is completely committed to serving the communities where she lives and works.

Kelly Roney | 2012-08-17 11:09:43

I see Marty's Tea Party supporters are here yammering away. It's pretty funny that they accuse Carolyn of doing the negative things they actually do for Marty. Carolyn is committed to community and civility. Too bad that's not universal. For the record, I am not Holliston Republican. That PAC I'm treasurer of? A grassroots organization with a tiny bank account that the Office of Campaign and Political Finance wanted to organize as a PAC. Our campaign finance reports are at mreed is full of nonsense, as usual, and has several stylistic tells that identify her as Desiree Awiszio, Mr. Lamb's campaign manager from this campaign and the 2010 campaign, before they were trying to shake the Etch-A-Sketch on their Tea Party roots.

Kelly Roney | 2012-08-15 12:45:04

I have to agree that Carolyn has voted in many ways that I didn't think she would (in a good way). That said, she does so too quietly. What we need is a loud voice for the opposition. For example, I agreed with her vote against the casino. Although she did not stand up on a soapbox and voice my concerns about the damage to our community. Issues such as Holliston having five police chiefs on the payroll need to be addressed in the upcoming election(pension reform). Not with a vote we may agree on, but one with a sound bite to open the eyes of voters. I think we need a strong voice in Boston, not a silent silent one. In case your adding them up in your head. (Marsell,George,Peterson,The Needham guy, Chief Moore and maybe Edison.

A Grandfather concerned about the future | 2012-08-14 19:10:58

I am in fact a Holliston resident. I might share some of the same feelings as the southborough person you are talking about (i've never heard of him, i'll have to look into his PAC...) and if we are correct, I guess we'll see in November. @Mreed I believe you are Marty's campaign director or someone close to her. Your campaign is the campaign full of deceptive, negative, and false accusations you are speaking of. My time commenting here clearly is not worthy or effective. I will take my campaigning to the streets and volunteer lines instead (where I can hopefully be heard and seen by real voters, not fake accounts on news sites). Best of luck on the rest of your campaign.

Holliston Republican | 2012-08-14 16:05:08

The person @Holliston Republican is really the Democrat operative out of Southboro who runs a Democrat PAC, is a mouthpiece for Mrs. Dykema, speaks for her, hosted her campaign kickoff, and donates to her. He's making false accusations as he often does to be deceptive. Charles made a statement in his post about the incumbent Rep. He made no attacks on @Holliston. This Democrat operative is making things up and making false accusations. Mrs. Dykema voted to increase the sales tax by 25% in this state. That's a fact and in her voting record. She also voted against the meals tax holiday. She has an extremely poor record. She votes to raise taxes which does nothing but burden business, hurt the economy and cost more jobs. Dykema is definitely a big part of the problem on Beacon Hill and it's time for her to go and her deceptive mean spirted campaign to go with it.

mreed | 2012-08-14 13:01:48

@Charles Maybe when Marty emailed you to attack me, he forgot to mention that this was part of a much larger transportation bill. This bill wasn't scheduled until the end of the legislature session. This wasn't a single bill filed to alleviate the Rt 16 problem. Therefore I think it is completely wrong to assume this is a campaign thing. Both our rep and senator have worked for years to try and fix the flooding on rt 16 that we have all been affected by. You people should find a better tactic to campaigning; you are part of the reason why I can't support Marty Lamb and feel that the Republican party is not the party i registered for in 84. @Mreed I think there was an article in the MWDN that showed Carolyn voted for the sales tax holiday...

Holliston Republican | 2012-08-14 09:42:56

Who would have thought that fixing some flooding could make so many people so miserable?

LT | 2012-08-14 08:51:54

Did Dykema notice everyone flocking to the stores this weekend to avoid the taxes she supports? Time for transparency at the state house. This is what you get when you vote with the Winthrop speaker all the time. Political pay off.

mreed | 2012-08-13 23:41:25

I can remember the flooding on Route 16! What I don't understand is why Dykema waited for re-election time to address this old problem. This has to be some type of ploy to get votes. I am still upset that she voted to unionize Day Care Workers. I can't vote for her as it seems she has priorities mixed up. I will vote for Marty Lamb as I am looking for a person who is a common sense candidate. Ms. Dykema is part of the problem and not the solution.

Charles A. Garbarino III | 2012-08-13 22:18:14

@navigator4 I am a registered republican who previously voted for senator brown, rep loscoco,gov weld, and more. Quite frankly you shouldn't worry about how I vote, or even ask. You accuse me of being a warren supporter, while marty is so unpopular he has to email his supporters to ask them to comment on press releases! Maybe all of Dykema's votes aren't 100% for the district but what she has done for the district, plus her willingness to talk to voters from all parties and detail/responsiveness on case work makes me proud to be an R voting for a D. Independent thinking...what an idea!?

Holliston Republican | 2012-08-13 17:46:45

The transportation bond bill was a political Christmas tree loaded up with pork to help get legislators who are in trouble re-elected. Projects should be passed on merit, not for political reasons. Remember we are now paying for everyone else's pork project. Nothing but a gigantic political payoff.

mreed | 2012-08-13 17:23:38

@holliston Republican - You are not a Holliston Republican - you are a Dykema/Warren supporter. Name one republican you ever voted for. Is Dykema's record so poor that she has to have fake-republicans claiming to vote for her. Dykema voted for higher taxes, voted for an indicted/convicted House Speaker, voted to unionize family run day care centers. No real republican would vote for that woman.

Navigator 4- | 2012-08-13 14:15:56

Carolyn Dykema is bought and sold by the Mass Teachers Unions. She does what is best for the Speaker (from Winthrop), not what is best for Holliston. Her last 2 campaigns were literally run out of teacher union HQs. She is basically worthless for Metrowest.

Navigator Four | 2012-08-13 13:18:32

This is election-season 'FLUFF'! Route 16 flooding has been a LONG-TERM problem; why didn't Dykema deal with it EARLY in her term? Why wait until this late? Oh, of course - re-election season. We need somebody in office who thinks about us - ALL the time. Go Marty!

Iron Mike | 2012-08-13 11:27:56

To claiming to be Holliston R, Really? Now she is voting her district. It takes a tough re-election battle to do the right thing. That's just shameless. Scott Brown votes independently. Was Dykema voting for the district wehn she raised the sales tax? Or the double taxation on Alcohol? Where were her votes in May for the district? Please explain to me how she was helping the district when she voted to force home day care people into a state union. That was a pure union vote. That vote hurts a lot of local small businesses and parents to boot.

mreed | 2012-08-13 10:33:29

Didn't Karen Spilka try something like this 2 years ago when she was facing tough competition? Nothing happened from that study. Where did that money go? This smacks of election year politics. Where were Dykema's votes for the District in May? Please explain to me how she was helping the district when she voted to force home day care people into a state union. That was a pure union vote! That vote hurts a lot of local small businesses and parents to boot!

Shirley | 2012-08-13 08:31:40

Marty Lamb often says that Rep. Dykema is out of touch and far from helping the concerns of her elected constituents. He notes that she votes with the speaker and her party. We know she is a Democrat, maybe that is why she votes with her party. Marty, God forbid you vote with the Republican's if you're ever elected... But if you look through Carolyn's recent votes and the past few press releases/articles, Rep. Dykema clearly has been voting for her constituents. These issues being addressed by the legislature are LOCAL issues. I'm a Holliston Resident, I'm a Republican and I am proud to have Carolyn Dykema my Rep (and will be happy to cast my vote for her this nov!)

Holliston Republican | 2012-08-12 21:13:05

Good news - I've long wondered if something was going to be done there. It floods reliably whenever it rains.

Jennifer Deland | 2012-08-12 18:20:58