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Guns & Hoses Ball Game

by Andrea Minihan

The event itself will begin at 4:00pm at the Damigella Field on Woodland Street with a static display of police cars, fire trucks, and other equipment. We will have a bouncy house for kids to play in, popcorn and snacks for sale, an opportunity for kids to have "autographs" signed by the players, and music.
The softball game will begin at 5:00pm and will feature members of the Police Department vs Fire Department. We are planning on having two guest announcers (yet to be determined) to announce the starting line ups of each team and a young member of our community to sing the National Anthem (also yet to be determined).

Tickets are being pre-sold for $10 each and all proceeds will benefit the new Holliston Police K9 unit. We are on the cusp of starting this new program and plan to have the K9 team begin training in early September. We are still in need of about $2,500 to purchase all of the necessary equipment and supplies before we can begin. We are hoping the sale of the softball game tickets and 50/50 raffle will help close the gap of our fundraising goal.
This is the epitome of a community event. A small town like Holliston thrives on local events where residents & family alike can enjoy a safe, fun event for all ages. We are hoping the softball game becomes just that.
Tickets are on sale for $10.00 at the Town Hall, Holliston Superette, Coffee Haven, Holliston Fire Department, and Holliston Police Department. Children under age 10 are admitted for free. We are encouraging families and neighbors to bring a blanket down to the field to enjoy this event. For those who can not attend the game, purchasing a ticket for $10.00 will help support the K9 Unit tremendously.
For more information, a link to flyer is located on our website ( and we continue to update the event on our department Facebook page (



Matthew J. Stone
Holliston Police Department
550 Washington Street
Holliston, MA  01746
(508) 429-1212 - business
(508) 429-0611 - fax

Comments (5)

Well if you read the logs and paper, you would see that there certainly is crime in Holliston, unrelated to 'weed'. I have read stolen cars, assaults, many break ins to homes and cars. They used another K9 to find a guy in the woods a few weeks back, again for a guy who stole a car and crashed it and took off, a guy who beat his father upside the head and ran into the woods. This is just from my memory. Why risk our officers to run after bad guys when a trained dog can keep them safe!

Mel | 2012-08-16 17:57:14

I applaud the police and fire departments coming together for a good cause and a community event.

Karen | 2012-08-16 07:21:54

Dear Common Sense - I'm guessing that your children are either too young to be in the HS or graduated long ago. I think we would be looking at a case of animal cruelty to put a trained drug sniffing dog at the HS. The poor thing would pass out before it got in the front door. If a K9 could put a dent in the serious drug problem at the HS then we should be funding 5 of them. Unfortunately, our town is less Mayberry than you might realize.

Reality | 2012-08-15 21:04:11

Common Sense does make some sense, but if the original purchase cost is from private funding then ok, but what about the continued operational costs? How much will the K9 cost us annual for food, vet bills, etc. etc.?? Why in all of the questions I have seen numerous times has the PD not indicated what type of K0 they seek - is it going to be a drug dog?

CSense | 2012-08-15 20:03:52

With all due respect to the Holliston Police Department one of the last things this town needs is a K9 Unit. The very little crime that goes on in Holliston which would require such a dog is infrequent and other towns can provide help in those situations. Additionally, I would be irritated to see the departments resources go to fund a dog in order to police drugs in town(specifically in schools). I'm not exactly sure of what the K9 Unit's role would be but I don't think a little marijuana is any reason to go off and buy a police dog. I realize these are private donations being used to fund the unit but why in the world doesn't the town meeting have to approve such a change in the Departments strategy. This is Holliston and well I completely understand that these officers risk their lives I do not think creating a Police State is the best solution to infrequent crime and weed.

common sense | 2012-08-15 11:49:43