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Hollyrockers Reach the Beach

by Erik Maki

True to their power pink t-shirts, the hometown favorite Hollyrockers “ran all day and all of the night” to complete the Reach the Beach Relay Race, May 18 and 19.  The 12-member team covered 200 miles from Wachusett Ski Area in Princeton to Horseneck Beach in Westport in 27:55:30, rotating throughout the 36-leg course.

This was the first Reach the Beach for the Hollyrockers, and they would not be denied. The team placed an impressive 16th out of the 52 teams in their category. Each Hollyrocker ran an average total distance of 16 miles –  and slept an average of 1.5 hours.

The Hollyrockers included Team Captain John Mulvaney, Allie Barrett, Brian Doucette, John Foster, Travis Hein, Angela Lawless, Karen Maki, Nelson Medeiros, Andy Mysliwiec, Sue Naughton, Joanne O'Connell and Rob Young.

Congratulations, Hollyrockers. 

Elvis Hein Ready to Rock and Roll and Run

The Power Pink Hollyrocker Ladies (l to r): Sue Naughton, Allie Barrett, Angela Lawless, Joanne O'Connell, and Karen Maki.

Hollyrocker High Fives for John Foster 

Rob Young readies for the Hollyrocker hand-off.

John Foster, Angela Lawless, Nelson Medeiros and Allie Barrett show their Hollyrocker spirit with the help of a giant inflatable microphone.

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There was no mention of why in the world these fine people should run so far with so little sleep - and it doesn't seem as if they would just do it for fun - but the Reach the Beach Relay Race website has a page about the beneficiaries of this amazing effort: Clearly they were running with service as well as second-wind in mind. Well done!

S. | 2012-05-26 11:48:10