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This is Cody

by Andrea Minihan

Cody is a typical Corgi though and whoever adopts him should be familiar with herding breeds as he takes his job very seriously.  Here is some information specific to the breed.
This type of Corgi was first used by farmers in South Wales to skillfully herd cattle, sheep, and ponies. A friendly and beautiful dog, it is still used today as a farm herder -- nipping at heels and bending under hooves -- but is more often kept as a house pet.   The Corgi is fun, friendly, devoted, and willing to please. It behaves well with children, but it may nip at heels during play. Many Corgis are shy around strangers and some bark incessantly. This quick-witted dog not only has an active body but an active mind.  As the Corgi loves to herd, a regular herding session is an ideal form of exercise. If it is unable to herd, take it out for a moderate leash-led walk or play session.

If you are interested in meeting Cody, please call Ashland/Holliston Animal Control at (508) 881-0122 to set up an appointment or get more information.  There is a $250 adoption fee.