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Listening to the Radio

by Ann Talbot

A child asked me one day – what did you look at when you listened to the radio? Lots of times I think we looked at the radio. Most family radios had a green light that signed that the radio was on. It looked much like an eye and was a bit creepy. I think we watched that light.
My mother usually did needlework making granny squares for afghans or tatting fancy edges on handkerchiefs using a tiny silver shuttle. I guess the rest of us just looked at one another.  We laughed along with comedy shows, were fascinated by The Shadow, liked the Lone Ranger imagining what he looked like riding the range on Silver, and at lunchtime followed my mother's fifteen minute soaps like Lorenzo Jones and His Wife Belle.
Now this does not include listening to the radio in the car. Then, I hope, we were looking at the traffic and the road.
The other night, for the first time in maybe sixty-plus years, I listened to the radio in my living room. I tuned in to the Holliston football team’s playoff game. The reception in the first half was quite poor with lots of static. In order to visualize the action, I had to close my eyes and really concentrate. During the second half I listened online which was much clearer. The teams seemed well-matched – no runaway game here.
Thinking back, what did I look at as I was listening to the radio? I watched out my front window enjoying my neighbors’ Christmas lights shining on bushes and trees. And at some point I picked up the hat I am knitting. Some things don’t change. Just the characters are different.

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My comment must have gotten lost in cyberspace. I repeat: I remember my Mother listening to "The Romance of Helen Trent" and after school I listened to Sky King with Penny and Clipper and Seargent Preston of the Youkon and his Malamute Yukon King. Ahhh the memories. "Can a girl from a small town in the mid-west find happiness with England's Lord Henry Winthrop?"

Herb | 2011-12-03 15:35:27

The fall season of hollistons own radio station WHHB is currently underway. you can catch us after 2:03 at 99.9FM

andrew mades | 2011-12-01 21:59:37

Thanks AnnT for this lovely memory and insight.

Anna | 2011-12-01 07:02:10