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Goodwill Park Playground Renovation

by Maureen Korson

After years in planning, fundraising and development and the contributions of hundreds of volunteers and donors, the Parks Commission is excited to announce that renovations to the Goodwill Park playground start October 20th.  

Ahronian Landscaping and Design, Inc, along with the help and expertise of Holliston resident Herb Brockert, have begun the first stage of renovations including the construction and planting of the first of three rain gardens to be featured in this project.  From November 2nd to November 6th, Northeast Playground Builders will work in tandem with a team of local volunteer trades people to install over $100,000 worth of new playground equipment.  Constructing and planting the remaining two rain gardens will continue throughout the fall until ground conditions prevent further planting.

Construction picks up again in Spring 2012 with planting additional trees, shrubs and perennials; installing benches, picnic tables, and a brick walkway; and paving the parking lot and traffic safety loop.  The brick walkway will feature engraved bricks sponsored by local families and businesses.  Holliston Parks & Recreation and Mission Possible Holliston are planning a volunteer spring planting in May (date TBD) and will be looking for volunteers to help put the finishing touches on the new play space.  Weather permitting, the playground will open to the public by the end of spring, 2012.

The Goodwill Park project is still seeking additional, necessary funds to meet our spring timeline and Mission Possible Holliston continues to fundraise to complete the renovation.  Brick sales will continue through the end of 2011. More information on purchasing bricks can be found on the MPH website at as can other information about fundraising initiatives for the playground. Mission Possible Holliston is also pursuing numerous grants to fund final equipment for the play area and additional plantings throughout the playground.  Completing our fundraising will contribute to creating an accessible play space with a focus on exposing children of all abilities to a sensory play experience.

Holliston Parks and Recreation and Mission Possible Holliston are grateful for the continued community support of the Goodwill Park playground project – both its residents’ financial contributions and volunteerism.  We are excited to be starting construction of this important downtown park.

Contact:  Maureen Korson, Holliston Parks and Recreation Director
Telephone: 508.429.2149
Fax: 508.429.0696

Comments (3)

George, The article states that between November 2 and November 6, $100,000 worth of playground equipment will be installed.

Pat Duffey | 2011-10-29 11:43:31

In the second paragraph it mentions over $100,000 worth of new equipment being placed in the new park! I have watched everyone working very hard this past week on building the new park and it already looks wonderful! the old park was outdated, full of graffiti and the equipment was bordring on unsafe for the kids. What a huge improvement! Parking has been an issue, with many blocking driveways on the street, parking under no parking signs and no place for drop off during kid programs at the park. This is a wonderful project and an improvement to the whole town, mostly done with people who are using their own time to help out! Thank you!

neighbor of goodwill | 2011-10-29 10:02:54

Plants, trees and parking are wonderful but will there be anything for kids to play on? I played here, my kids played her and my granddaughter played here. Parking and trees meant nothing to us. The swings, monkey bars and seesaws made Goodwill the place to be. From what I've seen it looks like half of the playspace has been eliminated to provide parking. It hasn't been a problem for the 50 years I've been going there, why now?

george gotsis | 2011-10-28 21:25:00