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Fun for All Ages: Celebrate Holliston

by Ann Talbot

Celebrate Holliston is a study in creativity.  Each display is carefully constructed.  The beauty of fall flowers, the fun of toys and jewelry, testing skills on tossing games and crafts -- these are experienced booth after booth.  Some booths give handouts of information, upcoming events and political concerns.  It is an opportunity for large clubs and small businesses alike to show the people of Holliston what they have to offer.


But in the fun of the day tinged with an air of serious care for the town, the children are entertained in many ways -- playing on the inflatables, doing creative activities, crawling on vehicles, just spending the day with relatives who do not have to shell out theme-park prices.


To the person who invented Celebrate Holliston, congratulations for having a wonderful idea.  And to the people who continue working on this celebration year after year, battling the New England climate, showing enthusiasm and hospitality -- we love you.  

Coinciding with the new date of Celebrate Holliston was the road race benefitting the Tim O'Connell Foundation.  This honors a brave boy who battled cancer and inspired us all with his spirit and courage.  The stream of runners and walkers from the high school to Washington Street was amazing.