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Metrowest Open Mic Coffee House

by Ruthann Baler


New Metrowest Open Mic Coffee House for Teen Musicians and Poets Kicks off Oct. 7 in Holliston
“The Coffee House” is collaborative among Holliston School for Performing Arts, Strike a Chord Concerts for Charity, and Ben Speaks
Teen musicians and poets are invited to participate in “The Coffee House” at the Holliston School for Performing Arts (HSPA), 1657 Washington Street, 3A (behind the Holliston Post Office) on Friday, Oct. 7, from 7 to 10 p.m.  Performers are welcome to arrive at 6 p.m. to sign up.   Admission is $5, which covers refreshments.  
“We are inviting musicians from all towns and of all genres and levels of experience to share their talents and have a great time on a Friday evening,” said HSPA owner Chris Roberts.  “We have long wanted to offer this type of event to the community as a way for teens to showcase and share their music and art with one another and also create an opportunity for them to gain experience in a performing environment.”
Roberts said his school will provide the sound system, drum kit, microphones, amplifiers, and piano. Performers are invited to bring their guitars or other instruments and share one song or poem. Musicians and poets are asked to prepare a piece that is no longer than five minutes so that everyone has an opportunity to be on stage.  Solo performers, collaborations, and band performances are all welcome.
This monthly event is a collaborative among the HSPA, Strike a Chord Concerts for Charity, and Ben Speaks, which helps, in part, to create artistic programs for teens and young adults.
“We are thrilled that the HSPA is dedicating its time and resources to teen musicians and poets throughout the Metrowest area,” said Judy Giovangelo, founder of Ben Speaks.  “One of our missions is to continually work toward providing different opportunities throughout the community in which young people can express themselves artistically.”
For more information about The Coffee House, call 508-429-HSPA.
About The Holliston School for Performing Arts   
The HSPA specializes in the education of music, theater, and dance, and provides a full list of course offerings taught by experienced professionals. Visit or its Facebook page.
About Ben Speaks
Founded by Medway resident Judy Giovangelo, Ben speaks is a nonprofit that provides resources and support throughout the community to, in part, develop C.A.R.E. (Create Alternate Resources for Expression) for teens and young adults. Visit  or its Facebook page.  
About Strike a Chord Concerts for Charity  
Strike a Chord Concerts for Charity supports nonprofit organizations by raising money and awareness through benefit concerts. Strike a Chord was founded by Holliston musician Ruthann Baler. Visit Strike a Chord Concerts for Charity on Facebook.