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Lions at Waterford

by Amy Markovich


The wait was finally over for the recipients of the Holliston Lions Big Raffle as Holliston Lion Steve Apesos, his son Mark and Bryce Grenier, special guest of Chris Clancy each got the chance to take a ride in a specially prepared two seater NASCAR race car driven by another Holliston Lion, Bill Bernard at the Waterford Speedbowl.
(Bill Bernard's Racing Team Logo)
It had been a little tough to coordinate weather, dates and people but we made it all happen and made some memories along the way. Be a “Crew Member for a Day” was the first part of the experience.  With that out of the way a couple of weeks back, a day that will stay fresh on our minds for a long time to come, this day was extra special too. It was sunny and hot, a chance for everyone to really experience what it is like to put on a firesuit, helmet, tighten those shoulder straps to the point of inflicting a little pain then spin up some hot laps around Waterford’s 3/8 mile banked oval at speed over 100 MPH!
“The G-forces are what everyone raves about.h  Tey have no idea how hard these cars stick to the pavement through the corners,” says Bernard. “Usually their first reaction is to grab the roll cage as we fly down the front stretch a few inches off the wall and then their right foot starts squirming as if to look for a brake pedal as we enter the first turn. I love. It never gets old. It gives folks a much greater appreciation for our sport and they quickly realize that it’s not just about going fast in a car and turning left.  It’s about pushing the limits to the max, yours and the car's.” Short track stock car racing is woven into the fabric of our great country. It's part of our history and our future. It’s family fun and exciting whether you’re a fan or a participant.

We’d like to thank Al Lane and Rick Nelson from “The Racing School” for making this day possible and extra special for our guests. We hope that you’ll visit them soon and make their program part of your “Bucket List”.  It could change your life, and it has for many. You can contact them at or contact us and we’ll hook you up. Make one of these warm summer nights a family night out at a local stock car track near you. Going on vacation? Visit a track near where you’ll be staying, help support our sport and come join in the excitement. Bill Bernard.

Be safe out there.  Buckle up.  We do.