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Local “Warriors” Compete in America’s Most Insane Race

by Erik Maki

A team from Athletic Based Training (ABT) recently toughed out the 2011 Warrior Dash, an obstacle-laden 5k run billed as “America’s most insane race.” It was the first time the Warrior Dash was held in New England and ABT co-owners, Liane and Richard Blyn, along with 17 members of their staff and athletic training programs, would not be denied. 

Held in Amesbury, the Warrior Dash included a series of extreme physical challenges, requiring participants to plod through knee-deep mud, run up steep, slippery hills and hurl themselves down a muddy slope toward the finish line. Warrior helmets were optional. 

“We didn’t want to miss all the fun,” explained Liane Blyn, a drug free world champion power lifter and World’s Strongest Woman competitor. 

Blyn and her husband Richard finished the Warrior Dash together, and the entire ABT team crossed the finish line covered in mud and countless new scrapes and bruises. ABT shake bar employee and boot camp regular, Leigh Ritucci, smoked the course and finished way ahead of the ABT pack.  

“We’re thrilled that ABT could field a team for the Warrior Dash. It’s not your typical 5k. But that’s what ABT is all about – optimizing athletic performance, on and off the field. This was definitely way off the field,” laughed Blyn.

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Leigh Ritucci did not finish way ahead of the pack, I finished a very close 2nd!!! and Rich beat Liane by a full minute too.

Chris LeBlanc | 2011-07-13 16:45:17