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Wave to the Police

by Bob Lindsey

This summer the Holliston VFW is sponsoring the Wave to the Police" program.

If at any time this summer, any of the children in town see a Police Cruiser or a Police Officer and they wave Hello to them, the officer may stop to talk to them.

If an officer stops to talk, the children should thank the officer for the job they do in protecting them and the citizens of Holliston.  This program is designed to have the children learn to respect the police and lose any fear they may have for them.

After talking to the children, the officer may give them a gift coupon for an ice cream from the Central Cafe. 

Please make sure to wave to the police and to thank them for the great job they do protecting the people of the Town of Holliston.   


Bob Lindsey
Commander – VFW Post 8507
Cell: 508-596-1683

Comments (1)

Very good idea for the community. Hopefully this can counteract some of the idiotic things I know are being told to children in our town. Not long ago I remember my younger sister being told at a safety class at Saint Mary's that she shouldn't go to a police officer because pedophiles will dress up as police officers..... Unbelievable.

Tyler | 2011-06-26 09:51:27