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Army National Guard

by SGT Nic Jordan

As a Recruiter for the Army National Guard, I would like to open a dialogue with
you and your readers to inform them not only about what the Guard is and does
for its Soldiers but also for the Communities they serve. I feel this would be a
great venue to do so because, with the changing face of media, you are able to
reach out in many ways that printed press and even television news fails to do
more and more.

First I would like to overcome the image of Recruiters -- if for no other
reason than to keep your reader's attention since my ambitions are purely
selfless. I am not here looking to recruit you or your readers; simply to share
knowledge and perhaps form lasting friendships along the way.

A good way to start would be to tell you about whom I am and where I come
from as a person, and a Soldier. I graduated from Durfee High School in Fall
River, MA, in 1998.  I then joined the Active Duty Army where I served in Korea and
Fort Drum, NY. over the course of five years and deployed to Afghanistan in October
of 2001.

I was honorably discharged at the completion of my contract in 2003, joined
the Massachusetts Army National Guard and enrolled into college. I wanted to move to the Midwest in 2004, so I packed up, transferred units and joined the Indiana Army
National Guard -- continuing my college pursuits. In 2006 I moved yet again to the
North this time and spent two years in the Minnesota Army National Guard and
completed an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement.

While travelling and being educated, I started seeing the National Guard as
more than just the “weekend warriors” that they had been made out to seem in
generations passed. I conducted various types of training and held many
different jobs along the way -- all by my own choice and availability. Far more
than I had in my days in the Active Duty Army.

In addition to the training, I also started setting my sights to the communities I lived in; while in Indiana I did ride-alongs with a local police department to further my experience in what I hoped would be my eventual career.

During my college years in Minnesota I helped form what is now known as the
Student Veterans of America -- a National non-profit advocacy project for college
bound veterans. I also did a lot of community projects and fund raising for my
local VFW in MN as well- and it was about that time I started seeing how good it
felt to help my fellow citizens.

As a leader in the military I enjoy leading by example and do my best to
instill community service into my Soldiers. As a recruiter, I strive to show my
communities that I’m not just here to enlist their sons and daughters. I am here
to mentor those who wish to seek it -- from the day they enlist until the day they
get out, whether it’s three years or thirty. I put myself in a position where my
experiences and knowledge can be put to the best use possible.

So I ask you and your readers to consider allowing me to share these
experiences- whether it’s a story from my own military background, skills I’ve
learned, opportunities I’ve taken advantage of as a Soldier in the National
Guard, or the feeling I get from helping people achieve their goals. If you are
interested in such a venture, I’d be happy to contribute as often as you feel
appropriate. Also if you or your readers have anything specifically they would
like to learn from me, or share with me -- I’d be more than happy to oblige.

Most Respectfully,
SGT Nic Jordan

Comments (4)

I met Sgt. Jordan a little over a year ago, when introduced by a common friend. Sgt. Jordan is professional, squared away, and genuinely a great guy. Sgt. Jordan is all about helping people reach their goals and is willing and ready to help them every step along the way.

Frank | 2011-06-14 13:41:00

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nic for the last 18 months or so. He is always willing to help others. He has been a great resource in learning about how if one has Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts that it impacts in a positive way when they enter the Military. He is 100% about helping others and education. With our economy having issues and many parents not being able to help their children financialy in regards to college they may want to have a converstaion with Nick. Also many forget that the National Guard is not just for the 19 year old but many others join into their early 30's. Thanks Nick for the great article. Enjoy your summer

Ed | 2011-06-12 11:07:46

I met Nic today at the Relay for Like where he a was setting up his tent and displaying some of his Guard gear. He seemed genuine and very easy to talk with. .... a great representative of the service. Keep posting Nic, you have an interesting story and an important job.

Shaw | 2011-06-11 20:22:53

You truely are one of the nations best. Honorable and trustworthy. We need more people like you who will tell the children the truth and give them the opportunity to learn and grow and earn money while doing it. I know the military helped me and I know it can do the same to more Hollistonians. God Bless and stay safe SGT Jordan

SFC(retired) Pete Hill | 2011-06-11 12:37:57