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I Am Writing This Letter in Support of Will McColl

by Bob Lanciault

Fellow Residents of Holliston,

I am writing this letter in support of Will McColl’s candidacy for the office of
Town Clerk of Holliston. I am voting for Will, and I hope you do as well. Will
possesses many qualities that make him the right choice for public office; and,
these are the most important to me. First and foremost, he is a man of character
and integrity; always conducting himself within the highest possible ethical and
moral code. He is both trustworthy and loyal to those he represents. He is
incredibly passionate about public service; and, he has a profound love for the
workings of government.
Will, Pam, and their two sons moved to Holliston 16 years ago; and quite quickly
Will threw himself into public service. For the past 15 years he has served in
either an elected, appointed, or volunteer position; more often than not, in
multiple positions. He served 12 years on the School Building Committee, 10
years on the Finance Committee, and until his recent resignation, he has served
on the Board of Selectman. In addition to his public service, Will has 20 years
of experience working for the Gillette Company, within the framework of their
Treasury/Benefits department. Will has an enviable record, whether in
government, industry, or in a volunteer organization such as Boy Scouts or
religious group, of being able to bring an efficiency and effectiveness to every
activity and/or position that I’ve known him to be involved in. He not only has
vision, he has the ability of being able to work cohesively with others;
eliciting their opinions and ideas, and weaving them into a constructive plan of
action that results in execution, and completion. He not only has ideas on how
to improve the position of Town Clerk, but has the technical skills necessary to
make them a reality.
I offer two quick examples of Will’s character and passion. Until a few months
ago Will served on the Board of Selectman. When he decided to run for Town Clerk
he made the decision to resign his position. He didn’t have to; he could have
waited for the election results before deciding to do so. As tempting as it
might have been to wait, he didn’t. Will knew that if he were to win the
election for Town Clerk there would be a need for a special election to fill his
departed seat. That would be both time consuming, and costly for the town. His
resignation prior to the election may be costly to him; however, it clearly
displayed character!
Recently, Will and I were having a conversation concerning voter turnout in town
elections. In the course of that conversation I learned that Will has never
missed an election in the time he has lived in Holliston. In addition, he has
missed only one town meeting; and that was so that he and Pam could celebrate
their 25th anniversary. Wow. Talk about passion and commitment. Anyone who has
that kind of commitment to the process of a democratic government in general;
and our town in particular is worthy of our support. I hope you join me Tuesday
in voting for Will McColl for the office of Town Clerk.

Bob Lanciault

Comments (2)

Bob - Your letter of endorsement says "Until a few months ago Will served on the Board of Selectman". I guess your recent conversation didn't reveal that Will is still in fact a member of the board, and his resignation doesn't take effect until May 24th.

watcher 01746 | 2011-05-23 08:55:03

Very well said Bob! We are supporting Will McColl's candidacy for town clerk of Holliston as well. I (Bud) initially met Will in 1999. Will was a member of the risk management department at Gillette, and I was the account manager for the company insuring Gillette's liability claims. This business partnership allowed me the unique (at least among the Holliston voting populace) opportunity to know Will professionally. I found him to be precise and exacting in everything that he did, while understanding that relationships are best fostered simply by being personable - all attributes which a successful town clerk must possess. In later years, we have gotten to know Will from both a personal and a civic perspective. We are both continually impressed by people like Will, who bravely and willingly step up where others do not. His dedication to higher profile duties with the board of selectmen, the finance committee and the school building committee, along with his more anonymous contributions to local scouting and soccer programs have all benefited the town of Holliston immensely. Will's long-time participation in the Pan Mass Challenge as both a rider and a lunch stop volunteer speaks to his philanthropic awareness and organizational skills. Lastly, the next time that you attend an event at Kamitian Field you can thank Will's leadership, financial savvy and hard work for transforming the unsafe / eye-sore that we once knew in to today's top-notch recreational facility. In our eyes, Will's dedication, experience and knowledge make him the ideal person to seamlessly fill the great Jackie Dellicker's large heels.

Bud and Kristen Dodge | 2011-05-23 08:50:56