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Placentino Moves...

by Linda Weene


“Family Fitness Night” is coming to Placentino School on Tuesday, May 3rd, from 6:30-7:30.  This is the first time we’ve organized an evening event of this type for our PreK – Grade 2 students. 

We’re very excited about bringing families back to school in the evening to focus on fitness and developing life-long good health habits. Health experts suggest children should get at least thirty minutes of exercise every day.  “Family Fitness Night” is designed to raise awareness about the importance of physical fitness.

The event will focus on games and fitness activities that children of all ages and abilities can do with their families.  Stations will be set up around the gym and cafeteria and will include:  a shuttle run, an obstacle course, a sit-up challenge, a bean bag toss and more.  Every participant will receive a ribbon.

The concept of a “Family Fitness Night” is described in our Placentino 2010-2011 School Improvement Plan.  I am very grateful to our teachers, HEPTSA and several parents from the “Holliston Healthy Kids Initiative” who share our school’s commitment of promoting the concept of healthy nutrition and physical fitness for Holliston’s children.  With everyone’s support we were able to get this idea launched.  Check the Placentino “BackPack Express” for more information. 
Placentino Moves.