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Holliston High School Art Project

by Dianna Vosburg


I'm a Holliston artist (my studio is in the Holliston Mill), and I've just finished working with Doug Lack's ART 1 class in a collaborative installation project.

In the school gallery, Studio 370, we've completed a glow-in-the-dark art project called "The Light Fantastic." The students chose quotes about light, and painted them in glow paint on large panels. They also made sculptural pieces, referencing fireflies, that hang from the ceiling as small glowing points of light. In addition, the students created light bulb forms, painting them in glow paint, and installed them along the floor.

We also made an interactive piece that the students seem to really enjoy: a glow paint panel that allows gallery visitors to "draw with light" using a near-UV laser light. The last major installation was a collection of decidedly eccentric chandeliers that glow in the dark.

Dianna Vosburg


Comments (2)

While I think the Holliston Public Schools are already very connected to our community, I welcome additional suggestions as to how that might happen, Chris. Please email me with specific suggestions. Brad Jackson Superintendent of Schools

Brad Jackson | 2011-03-27 09:45:22

Nice! I would love to see more ways in which the school district would collaborate with the community.

Chris | 2011-03-24 06:35:01