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VFW Community Programs

by Bob Lindsey

We started working with the Senior Center (Lina Arena-DeRosa and Linda Marshall) by delivering thirty meals to Seniors for Thanksgiving. We are now starting a monthly delivery of meals, on the first Sunday of the month, to a list of Seniors (prepared for us by the Senior Center) who are in need or house bound. Both the Thanksgiving meals and the Sunday meals are being prepared by Adrian at the Outpost Farm who is being very helpful in assisting us in this program. Please feel free to contact the Senior Center or Adrian to discuss the program.

I am also about to schedule a meeting with the new Police Chief so that we can work with them on some child safety programs. We intend to donate some Bike Helmets.  The police will be able to give them out if they see kids riding bikes without one and find that they cannot afford one. 

Our goal is to get the VFW heavily involved into the Community on a number of levels. We have recently joined the HBA as well. 

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As if the veterans haven't done enough for us already. Thank you.

Paul Saulnier | 2011-03-01 11:35:00