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Massachusetts Votes NO on Ballot Question 2

by Michael Norton

 As surprising as the election results were in Massachusetts, the one result that was positive for the Commonwealth was that the people voted to preserve the Affordable Housing Law also known as 40(B).

I campaigned as though my life depended on the results and as I spoke to many potential voters' it was clear that most were confused by the disingenuous explanation put forth by the author of the referendum. Some had no clue that there was such a question even on the Ballot. Many disliked 40(B) due to misinformation and were receptive after a short but accurate explanation. Most, by one way or the other, voted to keep the Law as better than none although most agree that it is not perfect.  Even Holliston voted in the majority to keep Affordable Housing -- an endorsement that I would like to accept personally as a thubs up on Cedar Ridge Estates.

So now Green View Realty has survived an unexpected milestone added to the many that were known at the outset.  While there are more to go I believe we are past the worst and most onerous of them.

The economy still looms as a significant cause for hesitation.  However the bottom of a decline and beginning of a recovery is a good time to proceed as new home construction is a leading economic indicator and it is the catalyst that fuels a recovering economy.

While the Town of Holliston may pursue their justifiable opportunity to appeal the decision of the Superior Court the case they present will be the same repetitive argument that the Town has been thrice proffered and twice lost.

Smart money will ignore this “appeal without potential” and continue to advance the project toward the next milestone: that of shovel ready.

Green View Realty will now execute the next steps preparing the project for a start of construction by the spring of 2012.

Comments (2)

This letter in itself is the reason 40B should have been appealed. This developer's primary concern is with a legal battle with the town. He wants to get it going asap so he can cash in. I highly doubt he cares about low income families. By the way if you look at the results of the ballot based on location you can see that the City of Boston (Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan)is what pushed it through. People who don't really understand how it affects in the suburbs!

Bill | 2010-11-11 12:35:12

I think that the voters, whether from Holliston or some other town, were voting on the question as it related to 40B. I don't think anyone was voting for this to be an endorsement of Cedar Ridge except perhaps the writer of this article.

Janet | 2010-11-09 13:49:40