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A New Look for Chesmores'

by Andrea Chesmore


The landscape at the Chesmore Funeral Home in Holliston was nothing to
write home about. In past years, Bob Chesmore, former owner and funeral
director of Chesmore’s was the one who maintained the landscape and
kept it looking nice for several years. Once he retired to Maine from
April-October, the landscape started to deteriorate and was not what it had
been in years past.

Bob’s son, Keefe Chesmore, is now the owner and director of both funeral
 homes (second location in Hopkinton). Between operating both funeral
homes and being a volunteer firefighter for the town of Holliston, among
other things, there wasn’t time to take on the task of creating and
maintaining a new landscape. As a mom to two young and active sons,
working a part time job as well as helping out with the family business, I
just didn’t have the time either. (Not to mention I don’t have a green
thumb whatsoever.)
Once we started hearing comments of how terrible our landscape looked
we knew something needed to be done, and soon. We wanted to find
someone reliable, knowledgeable and dedicated and that’s when we found
Meg Porter “The Constant Gardener” on I knew
Meg’s children from working at the school and knew that Meg and her
family were well respected in town.
The minute I started talking to Meg I knew that she had a profound love
for her job. With her energetic personality and her knowledge of planting
landscapes I knew she was going to make things look fabulous. Meg
walked the property, took many pictures and worked with us and was
respectful of our budget. She offered many ideas on what would make our
place look fantastic. Meg and her co-worker, Wally, are extremely
dedicated and very hard working. We installed a new granite sign (thanks
to Ackerman Monument) in June and Meg made the raised flower bed
around it look spectacular.

(Above) The before and after shots of the left rear driveway planting.

(Above) The side ramp entrance before...

(Above) The side ramp planter after...

(Above) The rear entrance built in planters before...

(Above) The rear entrance built in planters after.....

(Above) The rear entrance in ground planter before...
(above) The rear entrance in ground planters after...
We’ve heard many compliments from people walking by telling us our
grounds have never looked so nice. We can’t wait to see what Meg has in
store for the property this fall. If you’re looking for any landscape needs,
whether it be a business or a residence, we would highly recommend
“The Constant Gardener”.
Many thanks to Meg and Wally for all of your hard work and dedication.
~The Chesmore Family.


Comments (2)

I also took note of the improvements.I had no idea that Meg was responsible.Nice Job !!!

Pat Maley | 2010-09-29 18:11:20

I'd driven by and noticed some of the changes. Quite a difference, and it's very striking. How nice to see a whole article dedicated to these improvements.

Andrea | 2010-09-29 17:08:02