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School Committee Meeting: May 6, 2010

by Kathleen Caswell

School Committee Meeting      Time:  7:00 p.m.
High School Library       Date:   May 6, 2010


I. Call to Order 
II. Minutes from the following School Committee Meeting: 
• April 15, Regular Session
• April 15, Executive Session
III. Communications:
A: Oral
1. School Committee Individual Comment
2. Central Office Administrator’s Comment
3. Opportunity for Public to Address School Committee
IV. Presentations:
A. Destination Imagination Demonstration
B. Curriculum Database Demonstration

V. Policy: 

VI. Personnel:
A.   Superintendent’s Evaluation
VII. Old Business: 
A.   FY11 Budget – if needed
VIII. New Business:
IX.     Warrants:
 A.  Bill:
 B.  Cafeteria
X. Items of Information:
 A.  Letter of Donation from Placentino to the Holliston Pantry Shelf

XI. Next Meeting Date
      May 20, 2010

XII. Adjournment of Open Session

XIII. Executive Session

Comments (1)

Interesting agenda. Perhaps somnething should be on here that demonstrates why the teacher's union in town failed to decline a pay raise when all other town employees are not receiving one this year. Why should the residents of Holliston pay for a mega-override on their prop 2 1/2 real estate taxes to fund a group that is not willing to work with the residents of Holliston? Certainly there are scores of unemployed teachers right now that would love a job and would be more than willing to work with the town.

Jack Stranton | 2010-05-06 12:43:48