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Prana Productions "Nicholas Nickleby.

by Susan Pittman

What a fabulous treat to see thirty young people bring to live the  tension, commentary, and pure entertainment of Prana Productions’ Nicholas  Nickleby.
Last weekend had sold-out crowds cheering (Holliston’s own) Crocket  Henderson and a cast of about 35, nearly all of whom played double or triple roles in Dickens’ criss-crossing (and double-crossing) story of money, class, and family -  themes we find too relevant today. 
Roberta Weiner has been rehearsing with her young actors since  November, yet all the performances seemed fresh and believable. Anyone who’s sat through their own children’s performances knows there are times when being an audience member is a labor of love. Not so in this case – though there was plenty to love about this production. Honestly – we laughed, we held our breath, and we shook our heads in amazement. 
It may seem odd to go to a yoga studio to see a play, but I felt as if I were in a dedicated experimental theater. Roberta says the group does feel like a team and she’s gratified to offer that team experience for students who want something other than (or in addition to) sports. 
The running time of 3½ hours with two short intermissions passed  quickly. Highly recommended. (The play’s length and some of its more dramatic scenes make it a good time to use a babysitter for younger children.) Continues  March 5, 6, 7. Tickets at


Comments (2)

What a nice article, Susan! Thank you!

Roberta Weiner | 2010-03-06 16:45:42

This is a fair appraisal of a terrific evening's entertainment. Go- you will be amazed

pat fuller | 2010-03-03 19:27:18